The  State  of  Indiana

Jesse  McMahan

Box  28

a & b  William Burns


State of Indiana vs A & B
Jesse McMahan
A True Bill
John H Stewart
Foreman of the Grand Jury
Erasmus J Doles
John Hazman
William Burns
Filed in open Court
Febry March 1st 1838
S B Morris Clerk

State of Indiana         In the Shelby Circuit Court
Shelby County                 at the February Term thereof in the year
                                        Eighteen Hundred and Thirty Eight

The Grand Jurors for the State of Indiana, empanneled, Sworn and charged to inquire within and for the body of the County of Shelby aforesaid upon their oath present that Jesse McMahan late of Said County Yeoman, on the Fifteenth day of January in the year Eighteen Hundred and thirty Eight, with force and arms at Said County in and upon the body of one William Burns then and there being did Make an assault, and him the Said Williams Burns did then and there unlawfully touch, Strike, beat and wound. Contrary to the form of the States in Such case Made and provided, and against the peace and dignity of the State of Indina.
William Quarles
Atty for State

Shelby Circuit Court
   Vs                                   Subpoena

Returnable 1st Day of August Term 1839
No 5

E J Doles
John Haymond
Wm Burns
Created as Within Commanded:
June the 28th 1839
John H. Stewart Shff.

Shff. Fees
Serv 2, Sp         77 1/2
Trav. (16)         96
Return              10


State of Indiana, Shelby County SS
The State of Indiana to the Sheriff of Shelby County, Greeting:

You are hereby commanded to summon Erasmus J Doles, John Haymand, William Burns to personally be and appear before the Judges of the Shelby Circuit Court on the 1st day of their next term, to be holden at the court house in Shelbyville on the Fourth Monday of August next, to testify on behalf of the Plaintiff in a certain cause therein pending between The State of Indiana plaintiff and Jesse McMahan defendant, and herein they may not fail at their peril. Have you then there this writ.

Witness, Sylvan B. Morris, Clerk of said court, this 2nd day of May 1839

                               Signed: Sylvan B Morris Clerk


Transcribed by Karen Stoll

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