State of Indiana)
Shelby County )

                      In the Shelby Circuit Court.

August  H.  Eikman )
          VS.                 :  #12180

Notice to Clerk

To  Gordon  Thurston,  Clerk Shelby Circuit Court:

          You are hereby notified that the defendant in the above entitled cause will appeal to the Appellate Court of the State of Indiana from the judgment rendered against him in said cause in the Shelby Circuit Court on the 23rd day of July, 1921.

Signed:   James  M.  Berryhill,
Attorney for Appellant

I, the undersigned, Clerk of the Shelby Circuit Court, do hereby acknowledge service of the within and foregoing notice of appeal and receipt of a copy of said notice, this 19th day of January, 1922.

Signed:  Gordon Thurston,
Clerk, Shelby Circuit Court

Transcribed by Melinda Moore Weaver
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