Shelby  County,  Indiana
Civil Records

Clara V.  Hatton
Alonzo  Hatton

Complaint Divorce

State of Indiana
Shelby County
May Term AD 1907

              The above named plaintiff complains of the above named defendant and says that there now and has been for more than two years last past a bona fide resident of Shelby County and State of Indiana and during said time she has resided in Washington, Addison and Shelby townships in said County and her occupation has been and now is that of a domestic in the family of those who employ her.
              That on the 17th day of November 1898 she and defendant intermarried and lived together as husband and wife until about four years ago when defendant without cause abandoned her, without cause and upon his promise to support her and treat her kindly she and he again renewed their relations in December 1904 but he only remained with her four weeks and again abandoned her without cause and not lived or cohabited with her since said time and they cannot live together as husband and wife.
              That defendant has failed and neglected for more than two years to contribute anything to her support. Wherefore she asks and demands judgment for a divorce.
Clara B. Hatton                           
Subscribed and sworn to before me this April 15, 1907                           
K.M. Hord Notary Public                           
Com expires April 16 1909                           

Contributed by from Barb Huff

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