Shelby  County,  Indiana
Civil Records

Missing Pieces

The following pieces of paper were found in the probate fileboxes, but appear to be civil in nature. Surnames include:

Robertson, Thompson, Winterrowd

[is this a "delinquent tax sale"?]
S T A T E   O F   I N D I A N A ,
Shelby C O U N T Y , S S :
 Squire L Vanpelt, County Auditor in and for the county of Shelby aforesaid, do hereby certify, that at a Public sale held by Wm M Phillips, the County Treasurer of the said county of Shelby, which commenced on the first Monday of February in the year 1866, being the fith[sic] day of said month, within the hours prescribed by law, he did, on said fifth day of Febry aforesaid, at the Court House door, in the town of Shelbyville, in said county, legal notice having being given of such sale, sell to A G Thompson for the sum of three dollars and Eighty six cents the following piece or parcel of land, to=wit: Lot No Eleven (11) in Block No Six (6) in the Town of St Paul in the county and state aforesaid, the said sum being the amount of taxes, penalty interest and costs due on above described Lots for the year 1864 and 1865, said lands being assessed and duly entered for taxation in the name of E Robertson ; and the said A G Thompson , the purchaser above named, having filed in my office the receipt of the Treasurer aforesaid, for the full payment of the above named purchase money, (he being the highest and best bidder for cash,) will be entitled to a deed for the tract of land so purchased, as above described, at the expiration of two years from this date, if the same shall not have been previously redeemed, or shall not be the property of Infants, Idiots, or Femmes Covert.

In Witness Whereof, I have hereunto set my hand as Auditor aforesaid, at
Shelbyville , this fith [sic] day of
February, in the year 1866.
S. L. VanPelt, Auditor
of Shelby County.

S T A T E   O F   I N D I A N A ,
Shelby C O U N T Y , S S :
I, W M Phillips Treasurer of Shelby County, do hereby guarantee that the taxes due upon the above Described tract of Land named in the within certificate, for the years therein mentioned, nave never been paid by the owner nor by any person in his behalf, and that the same were yet due and unpaid at the time of the sale thereof, mentioned in said certificate.

W M Phillips
Treasurer of Shelby County.

Vacation & Charge
of highway --
Forum --
To the Hon B. Com. of S. Co --

          We the undersigned would represent to your honors that the public utility demands that the following highway situate in S. Co. Ind. be vacated and changed towit: commencing at & running due north & we therefore pray your honors to vacate Sd highway and change and locate it on the following route in said Co. commencing etc -- The highway proposed to be vacated passes over the land of W. L/S--- etc and the road proposed to be located passes over the land of G. H--- Signed by                     
12 - 6[?] of the neighborhood

Notice is hereby given that there will be petition presented to the board Com. of  S. Co. at this June session A.D. 1875 for the vacation of the following highway located in S. Co. -- Ind. commencing at the running & -- and that the same be
change and located on the following route in said County commencing at the N. etc thence etc

[other side of sheet (which has been torn in half)]
We were pres --
J. Winterowd told him it was the agreemt that my name should be erased -- J.W. told IL [JS?] that he aught to take my name off -- Recd none of the $1300 -- just went Winterowd & security -- J.W. came to my house with note --  Went to H. a second time & got a copy of the note & took it to office of D & W.

Cross Examined.
Andy and Jim were both with me at BR --- J. Winterrowd told me he was going to give mortg -- IL never called on me for the money.

Samuel Hamilton

A. J. Winterrowd
Was pres with
Dewert & J Winterrowd
at H's BR -- Diwert & Hamilton convened -- [crossed out: D. requested of H. that asked ]
Jim asked H. if he had taken Dewert's name off & told H. that that was the agreemt. when mortg.
was executed --- H. said things had changed -- Jim told H he wanted Diwert's name off --
Hamilton refused.

Transcribed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

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