State  of  Indiana
Mamie  Nugent

State  VS  Mamie Nugent
Term Warrant Circuit Court Box 741
To May Term, 1911   J. C. Cheney Prosecuting Attorney

            I do hereby certify that on this 12 day of June 1911 I served this warrant as commanded. 
Returned this 19 day of June 1911                     James M. Moore
Milage .20
Service .40
Docket .30

Bench Warrant Circuit Court
The State of Indiana, Shelby County, SS:
            The State of Indiana, To The Sheriff Of Shelby County, Greeting:
You are hereby commanded to arrest Mamie Nugent if she may be found in your bailiwick, so that you may have her body before the Judge of the Shelby Circuit Court, instanter, then and there to answer the State of Indiana, on a charge of visiting a certain house No. 204 East Hendricks Street in the City of Shelbyville, in said County, said house being frequented and visited by men and women of bad reputation and abide the order of the Court thereon and return this writ.
            Witness, the Clerk and seal of said Court, this eighth day of June 1911.
Otto L. Coyle, Clerk

Contributed by Barb Huff for Linda Fuller

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