Joseph  Wood
Christopher  C.  Green

Action on the Case
Damages 2500$
Box 28
Filed August 6th 1846

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
State of Indiana Shelby County
In the Shelby Circuit Court Aug
Term A 1846

Joseph Wood  Planitiff complains of  Christopher C. Green  Defendant of a plea of trespass on the case

                    For that whereas the said Defendant contriving and wrongfully wickedly and unjustly intruding to injure the said Plaintiff, and to deprive him of the comfort fellowship society aid and assistance of  Sarah Wood  the wife of the said Plaintiff, and to alienate and destroy the affection of her the said Sarah for him the said Plaintiff heretofore to wit on the first day of March in the year eighteen hundred and forty two, and as diverse other days and times between that day and the commencement of the suit, at the said county of Shelby, wrongfully wickedly and unjustly debauched and carnally knew the said Sarah Wood, then and there and still being the wife of the Said Plaintiff, and thereby the affection of the said Sarah Wood for the said Plaintiff was thru and thru alienated and destroyed and also by means of the premises the said Plaintiff hath thence been wholly lost and been deprived of the comfort, fellowship, society aid and assistance of the said Sarah Wood his said wife, in his domestic affairs, which the said Plaintiff during all that time ought to have had and otherwise might and would have had, to wit, at the County aforesaid-To the damage of the said Plaintiff of twenty five hundred dollars and therefore he brings his suit.
                            M. M. Ray & Thos. A. Hendricks
Atty for Plantiff

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