Fred  Amos
Shelby  Loan  Company

Chattel Mortgage

Fred Amos to
Shelby Loan Company

Filed April 27, 1916

Received for Record
this 9th day of Dec., 1915 at 3 PM and recorded in Chattel Record No. 30 page 302 at the records of Shelby County, Indiana.
John M. Hogue, recorder

Know All Men By These Presents, That Fred Amos of Shelby County, in the State of Indiana, part of the first part, having this day bargained and sold, and does hereby bargain and sell unto Shelby Loan Company of Shelbyville County of Shelby and State of Indiana party of the second part, for the sum of Seventy-six and 02/100 dollars, to Fred Amos in hand paid, the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged, the following described personal property, to-wit;

One bay mare, age about 9, weight about 1100, height about 16 hands, sound, good eyes, name Queen.
One Harper top buggy, piano box bed, rubber tire, gears red, body black, upholstered in blue carriage cloth.
One single set by harness (buggy)
One Black Jersey cow, age about 4 years, weight about 1100 pounds, dehorned.

Amount of loan secured by this mortgage is $76.02; time for which loan is made is three months; amount of money actually received by borrower is $69.75; total cost to borrower for period covered by loan is, interest at 2 per cent per month $4.18; charges $2.09; total $6.27.
        The Condition of this Bill of Sale is, That whereas the said party of the first part Fred Amos indebted to said party of the second part in the sum of Seventy-six and 02/100 dollars, evidenced by his promissory note dated Dec 9th, 1915, payable at Farmers National Bank of Shelbyville, Ind., 3 months after date, without relief from valuation 0r appraisement laws, said note being for the sum of Seventy-six and 02/1000 dollars. Now if said party of the first part shall well and truly pay said note at maturity, with all interest due thereon, then this instrument shall be void, otherwise to remain in force.
        It is agreed and understood, by the parties hereto that said party of the first part shall retain possession of said property hereby sold until said note hereby secured become due, and if said note be not paid promptly at maturity said party of the second part, shall then have the right to take and keep possession of said property, except household goods, wherever it may be found, without any process of law, and the same shall become the absolute property of the party of the second part. And the said party of the first part hereby expressly agrees not to remove said property from the place where it now is without the consent of said party of the second part, nor to sell, assign or lease the same without such consent, to use such property will, keep the same insured in some levied on by execution from any Court, or shall come into the hands of any administrator, guardian, executor, assignee, trustee or commissioner, to be sold, then and in either of such cases, the mortgagee shall have the right to take immediate and unconditional possession of said property , and every part thereof, wherever the same may be found to remove and sell said property, or any part thereof, at public, auction to the highest bidder, or at private sale, after giving ten days notice of the time and place of sale, together with a description of the property to be sold, by notices posted up in 5 public places in the vicinity of such sale, and out of money arising from such sale, retain all costs and charges incident at such sale, and all prior liens thereon together with the amount due and unpaid upon said $76.02 principal, interest and attorney’s fees, rendering the overplus of money arising from such sale, (if any there shall be) unto said Fred Amos legal representatives or assigns. And the said Fred Amos hereby expressly agrees to pay the sum above secured without relief from valuation or appraisement laws.
        Witness, his hand and seal, this 9th day of December 1915.
signed  Fred Amos

State of Indiana,
County of Shelby SS
        Before me the undersigned, a Notary Public in and for said County and State, this 9th day of December 1915 personally appeared Fred Amos to me well known, acknowledged the execution foregoing instrument as his free act and deed.
Della Kincaid
Copied by Melinda Moore Weaver

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