Richard & Mary Shipp
John Shipp

Chattel Mortgage
John Shipp of Shelby County, Indiana
Richard and Mary Shipp of Johnson County, Indiana

            This indenture made this sixteenth day of August, eighteen hundred and twenty-four between Richard Shipp and Mary his wife of the County of Johnson and State of Indiana, and John Shipp of the County of Shelby and state aforesaid, of the second part witnesseth that the said party of the second part for and in consideration of the sum of six hundred dollars of good and lawful money of the United States to him in hand well and truly paid by the said party of the second part at or before the sealing of these presents, the receipt is hereby acknowledged, hath granted, bargained and sold, by these presents doth grant, bargain, seal until the said party of the second part, his executors, adminis- trators and assigns, all and singular, the goods, furniture and household stuff hereinafter particularly mentioned, and that is to say, five feather beds and furniture, cup-board furniture, one tea board, books, one large Bible, Biglands View of the World, five volums Bucks Thological Dicksanary, two volums Davises Sermons, three volums Gills Explanation of the scripture, three volums Fullers Works, four volums Fletchers Checks, six volums Butterowrths Concordence, three volums of Bucks Works, three arathmaticks, Scotts Essays, one volum Tatlers Works, four volums Walkers Dicksanary, Edwards on the Will, one volum Dick on Insperation, Weatherspoon on Electura, one volum Sourens Sermons, 1 volum Harvey's Meditations, one volum Parcus Greek Laxicon, twenty volums of Greek and Latten, twenty volum of other books, kitchen furniture, one large kettle, two ovens and two pots, one skillet, one tea kettle, three gunns, farming utensels, three pair of drawing chains, three plows, one broad axe and seven falling axes, stock, one small grey mare, one Roan mare, one pied cow and calf, one steer with a white face, one silver watch, two grubing hoes, three weeding hoes, half dozen chairs, to have and to hold all and singular the said goods on behalf granted, bargained and sold or mentioned so to be until the said party of the second part, his executors, administrators and assigns to the only proper use and behalf of the said party of the second part, his executors, administrators or assigns the full sum of six hundred dollars good and lawful money of the United States with lawful interest for the same on or before the 25th day of November next.

In witness:  John Foster, William Shaffer Richard Shipp & Mary Shipp {her mark}.

I, William Shaffer, Recorder of the County of Johnson, do certify that John Shipp came before me this the ninth day of October, 1826 and stated that the above mortgage was closed.

Recorded September 13, 1824
Johnson County, Indiana.

[Note:  Richard Shipp's wife was Mary
Copeland Shipp. John and Richard Shipp were brothers that moved from Green County, Kentucky to Indiana about 1824. The Chattel mortgage is for land in Johnson County. ]

Contributed by:
Sherry Badgley Ryan

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