J. Edward  Briggman

deed  from
George  F. Briggmen,  et al

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            THIS INDENTURE WITNESSETH: That  George F. Briggmen, and unmarried man,  Anna Briggmen, an unmarried woman,  Lena Keppel, an unmarried woman;  Harold Keppel  and unmarried man;  Dorothy Keppel, an unmarried woman;  Louise C. Byrum  and  Scott Byrum, her husband, of Shelby County, in the State of Indiana,  Hilda Chesser  and  Clark V. Chesser,  her husband, of Saint Louis County, in the State of Missouri
Convey and Warrant To
            J. Edward Briggman  and  Elece F. Briggeman,  husband and wife, of Shelby County in the State of Indiana, for the sum of Fourteen Hundred Dollars the following real estate in Shelby County, in the State of Indiana, towit:

            The undivided five sixths (5/6) part in value of the following described real estate towit:
            Lot number seventeen (17) on the north side of Second Street in William E. Tealís Fourth Addition to the City of Shelbyville

Revenue $1.50

            The grantee herein assume and agree to pay the taxes on said real estate payable in November 1935, and further assume and agree to pay the taxes on said real estate for the year 1935, payable in the year 1936

            The grantee  George F. Briggeman,  Anna Briggeman,  Lena Keppel,  Louise C. Byrum  and the grantee  J. Edward Briggeman,  are the children and the grantors  Harrold Keppel,  Hilda Chesser and  Dorothy Keppel are the grandchildren of Magdalena Briggeman, who died intestate on the 24th day of June, 1934, the owner in fee simple of said above described real estate, and leaving her surviving the said children and grandchildren, as her sole and only heirs at law.

            IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the said George F. Briggeman, and unmarried man, Anna Briggeman, and unmarried woman, Lena Keppel and unmarried woman, Harold Keppel and unmarried man, Dorothy Keppel an unmarried woman, Louise C. Byrum and Scott Byrum,her husband, Hilda Chesser and Clark V. Chesser, her husband have hereunto set their hands and seals this 23rd day of September 1935

Hilda Chesser   Clark V. Chesser   Louise C. Byrum   Scott Byrum
George F. Briggeman   Anna Briggeman   Lena Keppel
Harold Keppel   Dorothy Keppel                                     (SEAL)


State of Indiana Shelby County SS:
            Before me the undersigned a notary public, in and for said County and State, on this 23rd day of September 1935, personally appeared the above named  George F. Briggeman,  Anna Briggeman;  Lena Keppel;  Dorothy Keppel; Louise C. Byrum;  Scott Byrum;  Hilda Chesser  and  Clark V. Chesser  and acknowledged the execution of the above and foregoing deed.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF I have hereunto set my hand and notarial seal, this 23 day of September 1935
                                Everet E. Stroup   Notary Public (SEAL)
Julia N. Pherigo Recorder

Contributed by Barb Huff

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