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#6152 Nathaiel Davis bought W1/2 of W1/4 Sec 11 T14N R7E 80 acres. Note stamped on it says "Patent Record Imperfect" See Letter 2114139. Reiussued Patent 1121373 issued 28 Oct 1946. B List: 1646"
Certificate #6152 was reissued on 28 Oct 1946, signed by President Harry S. Truman.

Book D pg 162
On 28 Jan 1832 Nathaniel Davis and Nancy his wife of Marion Co., IN sell to David Tracy for the sum of $300.00 a tract of land to wit, the W 1/2 of the NW 1/4 of Sec 11 in T14N R7E in the District of Brookville, State of IN containing 80 acres .... in Testimony whereof the said Nathaniel Davis and Nancy Dvis his wife, in relinquishment of her right of Dower, in and to the above bargained premises...
Signed: Nathaniel Davis and Nancy Davis
Witness: Caleb Scudder
Caleb Scudder, a Justice of the Peace for said County aforesaid, on 28 Jan 1832 appeared Nathaniel Davis the above named Grantors who acknowledged the foregoing, and Nancy examined separately voluntarily relinquished her dower.
Caleb Scudder, Justice of the Peace
Recorded 27 Aug 1833

Book D.  Page 227.
Deed dated 11 Sep 1833 between  Robert F Benefid  of Shelby County, Indiana and  John Davis  of the same. Party of the first part for the sum of ten dollars sells to said party of the second part a tract of land in Shelby County, Indiana diana containing one half an acre known and designated by being a part of the W1/2 of NE1/4 of Sec 15 in T13N R7E bounded as follows: beginning at the SW corner of said half 1/4 section running East 16 poles, thence North five poles, Thence West 16 poles to the West line of said half quarter section thence South on and along said west line five rods to the place of beginning.
Signed Robert Benefid [or Benefiel] and  Mary Benefid  her mark
Witness:   Peter Hinds  and  William Bollebaugh 
Original Govt record has his name as Robert Bennefield.  He bought this 15 Nov 1830

Book E.  Page 426
Shelby County, Indiana has deposited in the general land register of the United States a certificate of the register of the land office at Indianapolis whereby it appears that full payment has been made by  John Davis  at the sale of public lands for the West 1/2 of the SE 1/4 of Section 15 in T13N R7E containing 80 acres according to the official plat of the survey....
City of Washington on 15 Nov 1830
Signed Andrew Jackson
Recorded 17 Jul 1835
[Original certificate at Govt site lists him as John Davis of Shelby County, Indiana]
Others buyers in Section 15:
  David Colglazier,  John Copple,  Hugh Gatewood,  William P. Hodges,  John Rhods  and  John Smith  .
John Davis also bought the SE 1/4 of SE 1/4 of Section 15 on 20 May 1835.

Book F.  Page 511
On 7 September 1836  John Davis  and  Lucy Davis  his wife of Shelby County, Indiana sell to David Davis of the same place for the sum of $500.00 a tract of land described as 80 acres to wit: E1/2 of the SE 1/4 of Section 5 in T13N R7E ..
Signed John Davis and Lucy Davis her mark
Witness:   A. C. Tullis  and  Susannah Kennedy 
Attest by Arthur C. Tulles states both signed willingly; Lucy, examined separately relinquished her dower right on 7 Sep 1836
Recorded 27 Oct 1836
Gov't site shows John Davis bought this land 5 Aug 1834
Other buyers in Section:
Balsor Fox,  Benjamin Kaster,  and  James Whited .

Book F.  Page 610
  William Clark Davis  of Shelby County, Indiana, purchased from the United States land office at Indianapolis the SW 1/4 of the NW 1/4 of Section 22 in T14N R7E 40 acres
Recorded 5 Oct 1835
Other purchasers in this section:
Samuel Crosby,  Clarissa Davis,  William Johnson, Percy Kitchell, John Whitney  and a joint purchase by  Justice E. Kinsley  and  Wesley Kitchel .

Book G.  Page 97
On 8 Apr 1836  William Davis  and wife of Shelby County, Indiana, sells to  Varner Davis  of the same place for the sum of $100.00 sells a tract of land containing 40 acres it being the NW 1/4 of the NW 1/4 of Section 8 in T14N R7E ....
Signed William Davis and  Sarah Davis 
Witness:   J. Piercy Kitchel 
Attest by Piercy Kitchel, a Justice of the Peace stating both had signed willingly and Sally was examined separately and relinquished her dower right.
Recorded 27 Feb 1837
William Davis bought this land from the gov't on 23 Oct 1834
Other buyers in section:
David Davis,  Varnor Davis,  James Millspaugh,  Cornelius Roan,  William H. and Jane Sleath,  Zadok Stevenson  and  William Wray .

These deed summaries were contributed by LouAnn Cameron, November 2011.
Notes from LouAnn:  My personal interest is in John Davis, wife Hester. Hester died in 1831 and John died 7 Aug 1837. If I understand the Range maps Phyllis included, T13N R7E is Addison Twp. and includes the town of Shelbyville. Thus deeds 2 and 3 could be the John Davis we seek. However, deed 4 is also in the same township and John has a wife named Lucy in 1834. If John remarried after Hester's death no record has been found for it. These two men lived in different sections. One lived in section 15 while the other lived in section 5.

Deed 5 of William Clark Davis is likely the son of Charles Davis & Clarissa Viers. They had a son William C. Davis born about 1809 in KY and is on the 1850 census in Van Buren twp. I don't know if T14N R7E was Van Buren twp. during that time period.

Deed 6 - This appears to be another Davis family unrelated to ours. I have no Varner, David or a William with a wife Sarah. Garrard had a son William, but I have no record for him beyond his being named in Garrard's will. There was more than one William Davis whose age fits in the Fleming-Lewis county area of KY.

Contributed by LouAnn Cameron

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