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George  F. Briggmen  et al

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            THIS INDENTURE WITNESSETH  That  George F. Briggeman  and unmarried man,  Anna Briggeman, an unmarried woman,  J. Edward Briggeman, and  Elece F. Briggeman  his wife,  Louise C. Byrum  and  Scott Byrum,  her husband,  Harold Keppel  and unmarried man;  Dorothy Keppel  an unmarried woman, of Shelby County, in the State of Indiana,  Hilda Chesser  and  Clark V. Chesser,  her husband of Saint Louis County, in the State of Missouri
Convey And Warrant To
            Lena Keppel of Shelby County in the State of Indiana, for the sum of Nineteen Hundred Dollars ($1900.00) the undivided five sixths part in value of the following described real estate in Shelby County on the State of Indiana, towit:

            The southwest quarter of the southeast quarter of section five (5) in township twelve (12) north range eight (8) east, containing forty (40) acres, more or less.

            Subject to the taxes thereon for the year 1935, payable in the year 1936, which taxes grantee herein assumes and agrees to pay.

            This conveyance is made subject to the rights of the tenant now occupying said real estate.

            There is reserved from this conveyance the landlordís share of the crops now growing upon said real estate.

            The grantors George F. Briggeman, Anna Briggeman, J. Edward Briggeman, Louise C. Byrum and the grantee Lena Keppel are the only children of Henry Briggeman, now deceased, and the grantors Dorothy Keppel, Harold Keppel and Hilda Chesser, are the only children, and the only heirs at law of Minnie Keppel, now deceased, who was a child of said Henry Briggeman, now deceased, and said grantors and grantee are the sole and only heirs at law of said Henry Briggeman, now deceased, who was the owner in fee simple of said above described real estate at the time of his death

            IN WITNESS WHEREOF The said George F. Briggeman, an unmarried man; Anna Briggeman, and unmarried woman; J. Edward Briggeman and Elece F.Briggeman, his wife; Louise C. Byrum and Scott Byrum, her husband; Harold Keppel an unmarried man; Dorothy Keppel, and unmarried woman; Hilda Chesser and Clark V. Chesser, her husband, have hereunto set their hands and seals, this 17th day of October 1935.
Louise C.Byrum   Scott Byrum   Elece F. Briggeman   J. Edward Briggeman   George F. Briggeman 
Anna Briggeman   Dorothy Keppel   Hilda Chesser   Clark V. Chesser              (SEAL)

State of Indiana Sehlby County SS
            Before me, the undersigned a notary Public in and for said County and State, on the 22nd day of October, 1935, personally appeared the above named George F. Briggenman, an unmarried man, Anna Briggeman, an unmarried woman; J. Edward Briggeman, and Elece F. Briggeman, his wife, Louise C. Byrum and Scott Byrum, her husband, Harold Keppel an unmarried man, and Dorothy Keppel and unmarried woman, and acknowledged the execution of the above and foregoing deed.
            IN WITNESS WHEREOF I have hereunto set my hand and notarial seal this 22 dayoif October, 1935
                 Everet E. Stroup    (SEAL)
Notary Public

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