Conveyance  Deed  from
Woodville  B.  Kirk  to  James  E.  Norris

#10530  [This is the box number for the estate papers]

James E. Norris
Ernest  R. Norris, et al

Report of Re-Investment in Real Estate of Residue of funds

Filed Apr. 30, 1917
Cecil B. Collins,
Clerk Shelby Circuit Court

Isley & Israel, Attorneys

State of Indiana,                   In the Shelby Circuit Court
Shelby County, SS:               March Term, 1917

James E. Norris,            )
       vs.                          ) Report of re-investment in Real
Ernest R. Norris, et al    ) Estate of Residue of Funds

     Comes now  Wilbur  W.  Israel,  commissioner in the above entitled cause and shows that pursuant to the authority and directions given him by the Court, he has this day purchased of  Woodville  B.  Kirk  with the remaining one-half of the funds in his hands for re-investment, the following described Real Estate situate in Shelby County, in the State of Indiana, to-wit:
     Ten (10) acres off of the entire North end of the following described tract of land: Beginning at the Northwest corner of the West half of the Southwest Quarter of Section 9, in Township 12 North, of Range 7 East, and running thence East 40 rods and 5 feet to a corner stone; thence South 77 rods and 5 feet tot a stone; thence West 40 rods and 8 feet to the West line of said half-quarter section; thence North 77 rods and 5 feet to the place of beginning, containing Eighteen (18) acres, more or less.
     Said commissioner further shows that said Kirk has this day executed his warranty deed conveying said real estate to said James E. Norris for and during his natural life only with remainder in fee simple to his children living at the end of his death, share and share alike.
     Said commissioner has paid to said Kirk as full consideration for said real estate the sum of $2000.00 and he asks that the purchase so made by him be confirmed and that said deed of conveyance, which he submits herewith, be approved by the Court.

Signed: Wilbur W. Israel,

Subscribed and sworn to before me this 30th day of April 1917.
                                                                          B. Faye Maple,
                                                                          Notary Public
My Commission expires
Dec. 17, 1919

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