Odd  Fellows
Lease  from
Royal  Mayhew

Know all men by these presents that I  Royal Mayhew  of Indianapolis, Indiana  do hereby Lease and devise unto Shelby Lodge No 39 of the Independent order of Odd Fellows, at Shelbyville Shelby County Indiana   Lodge room now occupied by said order in the central & Eastern portion of the upper part of the Brick building Situate on the South West corner of Harrison and Franklin Streets, in said Town of Shelbyville and the use of the hall and stair way leading to said upper part or Lodge room of said Building which part of said upper story is now used as a lodge Room and two ante Rooms for the Term of three years from and after the first day of January in the year 1848  To have and to hold the same and all the rights and privileges, used and enjoyed therewith or thereunto belonging or appertaining for the term of three years aforesaid   the Lodge aforesaid paying to the Said Royal Mayhew or his order the Sum of forty dollars for each of said years of said Lease in half yearly payments of Twenty dollars each on the lst day of June and the last day of December in each of said years as and for rent for the Term aforesaid -- and if said Lodge should fail to pay the rent the this Lease is to be Void and the term hereby created is to cease and come to an end   Witness my hand and seal this tenth day of January 1848
Royal Mayhew   {{seal}}

                    Recorded February 18th  1848     John S Campbell Recorder.

Transcribed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

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