William  A. Moore  Deed
McCarty and Fletcher

          This indenture witnesseth that  Nicholas McCarty  and  Margaret McCarty  his wife and  Calvin Fletcher  in consideration of one hundred forty eight dollars and fifty cents to them paid by  William A Moore  the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged doth hereby grant, bargain, sell and convey to the Said William A. Moore his heirs and assigns forever the following Real Estate in Shelby County and State of Indiana and described as follows to wit Lots numbered fifty one fifty two and fifty three (51, 52, & 53) in McCarty & Fletcher addition to the town of Shelbyville in Shelby County, Indiana together with all the privileges and appurtenances to the same belonging To have and to hold the same, to wit Said William A Moore his heirs and assigns forever. The grantors their heirs and assigns Hereby Covenanting with the grantee his heirs and assigns that the title so conveyed is clean free and unincumbered that they are lawfully seized of the premise aforesaid of a sure perfect and indefeasible state of inheritance in fee simple and that they will Warrant and Defend the same against all claims whatsoever.
          In Witness Whereof the said Nicholas McCarty and Calvin Fletcher and Margaret McCarty and Sarah Fletcher their wives who hereby relinquish their dower in said premises have hereunto set there hands and seals the twenty seventh day of February 1851

Nicholas McCarty {seal}
Margaret McCarty {seal}
Calvin Fletcher {seal}
Sarah Fletcher {seal}

State of Indiana Marion County
                                     Personally appeared before me the subscribed James P Southard Notary Public in and for said county Nicholas McCarty and Margaret McCarty his wife and Calvin Fletcher and Sarah H Fletcher his wife the grantors in the above conveyance and acknowledged the same to be their voluntary act and deed. And the said Margaret McCarty wife of the said Nicholas McCarty and Sarah H Fletcher wife of the said Calvin Fletcher being examined by me privately, separate and apart from and without the hearing of their said husbands and the full contents and purport of Said deed being by me made known and explained to them declared that they executed the same of their own free will and accord and without any coercion or compulsion from their husbands.
Witness my hand and Notorial seal this Twenty Seventh day of February 1851.

J.P. Southard Notary Public

{{{Seal}}} Recorded April 7th 1853

John S. Campbell
Transcribed by Phyllis Fleming, Feb 2001

Wm  A  Moore  Deed
C Fletcher
& McCarty heirs

          Calvin Fletcher   &   Margaret McCarty   Suzanne McCarty   Margaret R McCarty   Nicholas McCarty Jr   and   Francis Jane McCarty of Marion County in the State of Indiana Convey and Warrant to  William A Moore  of Shelby County and State of Indiana for the Sum of Sixty five dollars ($65.) the following Real Estate in Shelbyville Shelby County in the State of Indiana to wit Lot No fifty four (54) in McCarty & Fletcher Addition to the Town of Shelbyville the size of the lot is according to the Recorded plat in the Recorders office in Shelby County In Witness Whereof, the said Calvin Fletcher   Margaret McCarty   Susanna McCarty   Margaret R McCarty   Nicholas McCarty Jr   and   Francis Jane McCarty have hereto set their hands and Seals this Nineteenth day of July 1855

Calvin Fletcher
Margaret McCarty
Susanna McCarty
Margaret R McCarty
Nicholas McCarty Jr
Frances Jane McCarty

State of Indiana     }}
Marion County Sct  }}              Before me Miles Fletcher for said County this nineteenth day of July 1855 Came Calvin Fletcher   Margaret McCarty   Susanna McCarty   Margaret R McCarty   Nicholas McCarty Jr   and   Francis J McCarty and acknowledged the executor of the annexed deed
          Witness my hand and Notorial seal

{{LS}}      Miles Fletcher
Transcribed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

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