John  F.  Ballard's  Deed


Amos  Merrill  & wife

Deed Book AA

Page 124

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            This indenture Witnesseth That  Amos Merrill  and  Mildred Merrill  his wife in consideration of four hundred dollars to them paid by  John F. Ballard, the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged, doth hereby grant, bargain, sell and Convey to the said John F. Ballard, his heirs and assigns forever, the following Real Estate in Shelby County and State of Indiana, and described as follows towit:

            Three acres more or less, it being a part of the Southeast quarter of the Southwest quarter of Section No. nine Township twelve, Range eight East, and bounded as follows:  Beginning at the beginning at the Southwest corner of said lot and running thence East on said line to the edge of the creek-bottom, thence North until it strikes the creek bluff, thence along said bluff to a log yard (of a saw mill) thence West on the line of said log yard, to the line running North and South of the aforesaid bit of land, thence South to the place of beginning. And also a part of the East half of the Northwest quarter of section Sixteen, and bounded as follows, to wit: Beginning at the Northwest corner of the aforesaid half quarter, and running East on the section line, to Conns Creek, thence South, the creek being the line, to the head of a certain bayou, thence with two Sycamore trees by said bayou until it strikes the North and South line, thence North to the place of beginning, containing fifteen acres more or less. Together with all the privileges, and appurtenances, to the Same belonging. To have and to hold the same to the said John F. Ballard his heirs and assigns forever. The grantors their heirs and assigns hereby covenanting with the grantee his heirs and assigns, that the title so conveyed is clear free and unencumbered, that they are lawfully seized of the premises aforesaid as of a sure perfect, and indefeasable Estate of Inheritance in fee simple, and that they will warrant and Defend the same against all claims whatsoever. Except a certain Mortgage of fifty dollars, and fifty cents.

            In Witness Whereof the said Amos Merrill and Mildred Merrill his wife, hath hereunto set their hands and seals this 20th day of February 1856.

Amos Merrill    (SEAL)                
Mildred Merrill     her  X  mark    (SEAL)

Transcribed by Barb Huff

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