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Recorder's  Office,  Shelby  County, Indiana

"J "  Surnames

Grantor/ee T/F Grantor/ee Description Book Page Recorded
Johnson, Jonathan f Johnson, William & Phebe NW s12-t14-r7, 160a A 67 5 Aug 1824
Jones, Samuel f Ray, James s32-t11-r8, 40a B 21 16 Jan 1830
Johnson, Mary f McClure, Arthur assignment C 141 13 Apr 1832
James, Joseph A. f Ginn, David s32,33-t14-r6, 50.75a K 175 11 Nov 1843
James, Joseph A. t Casteel, Jacob s32,33-t14-r6, 50.75a P 317 31 Jul 1849
Transcribed from the original bound volumes at the courthouse by Phyllis Miller Fleming

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