Indenture  of

Lucy  E.  Baringrover
James  Babb


Received for Record Sept. 7th 1857 at 9 Oclock A.M.
Recorded in Book No. 2 page 23
J. Milleson Recorder for Shelby County

            Indenture of Apprenticeship between  William Croddy  William Hoskins  &  John McConnel  Trustees of Sugarcreek Township Shelby County State of Indiana and James Babb of the County aforesaid Witnesseth the said Trustees hath & doth hereby bind as an apprentice  Lucy E. Baringrover  who was born Aprile the 20th 1845 and who as a poor Girl become Chargeable as a pauper in said Township unto  James Babb  of said County until the 20th day of Aprile 1863 to learn the trade and occupation of a Housekeeper if the said James Babb shall so ling live and the said Trustees do by these presents gives unto said James Babb all the right power an authority over the said Lucy E. Baringrover and her service, during the said term which by the Laws of this State a Master has in and over a lawful intended Apprentice and the said James Babb covenant with the said Trustees & their successors in office and said Lucy E. Baringrover to teach her said trade & occupation and to provide her during said Apprenticeship with all necessaries proper to her age and Condition and to cause to be taught her to read & write inclusive & the rules of Arithmetic to the double Rule of three if practicable at least 2 Months Schooling and at the Expiration of said Term to furnish to her the said Lucy E. Baringrover two new Suits of wearing Apparel worth at least twenty five Dollars and one bed and Bedding worth at least worth Fifty Dollars.

            In Testimony whereof the parties have hereunto set their hands and seals this 29th day of June 1857.

William Croddy   William Hoskins   John McConnel   James Babb (SEAL)

            Assented to James M. Sleeth Judge Court Common Pleas S.C

Trascribed by Barb Huff
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