Frances  Wilmeretta  Crosby

Indentured  to

David  Weeks
.17 (?)

David Weeks Indenture Fran Frances W Crosby

Indenture of a sevent, between  Mary Jane Crosby and  David Weeks.  The said  Frances Wilmeretta Crosby, aged six years, on the twelfth day of September in the year 1857, by and with consent, of the said  Mary Jane Crosby, her mother hath and doth hereby bind her self as a servant, unto the said David Weeks, until the 12 day of September in the year 1861, from the date hereof, learn the trade of House keeping and the said Frances Wilmaretta Crosby covenants faithful to same said David Weeks, as such servant, during said time and the said David Weeks, covenants with the said Frances Wilmaretta Crosby to teach her the said trade and occupation and to provide her during said servitude with necesearies proper to her age and condition and to cause her to be taught to raard and writt and the rules of arithmetic to the double Rule of three inclusive of practible and at the expiration of said term to furnish to her the said Frances Wilmaretta the following:  One good bed and beding one good cow.

In Testimony Whereof, The parties have hereunto set their hands and seals, this 21 day of March in the year 1857.
Mary Jane Crosby
       David Weeks

State of Indiana County of Shelby, SS/
Before me, Jonathan Keith a Justice of the peace of said County, this day the above named David Weeks, and Mary Jane Crosby acknowledged the execution of the annexed Indenture,

Given under my hand and seal this 27 day of March 1857
Jonathan Keith Seal

Recorded April 14 1857
J. Millerman      R.S.C.

[the following written on left side of page]

Mary Jane Crosby do hereby release and entirely acquit David Weeks of his part of the agreement named in the within indenture and trust to his honor in taking care of my child named therein Mary Jane Crosby (Seal)
Witness my hand and seal this day of October A D. 1860
State of Indiana Shelby County SS - Before me William Croddy a Justice of the peace in and for said County this 28 day of December A.D. 1860 personally came Mary Jane Crosby and acknowledged the signing of the above release to be her voluntary act and deed for the purposes therein mentioned Wittnes my hand and seal December the 28th 1860
                     William Croddy      {{ Seal }}
      Justice of the peace

Recorded Jany 7, 1860
David Londin [Louden-pmf] RSC

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