Indenture  of

Lafayette  Simmons
Nathaniel  Albee

Overseers of Poor to Indenture
Robt. B. Peak upon Martha Stewart
Recorded in the Office of the Recorder of Shelby County Indiana July 3d 1841
In Deed Book J. page 136 Milton Robins Recorder


Overseers of Poor to Indenture

Nathaniel Albee

Recorded in the office of the Recorder of Shelby County Indiana April 22d 1839

In Deed Book H Page 683 Milton Robins Recorder


This indenture made this thirteenth day of February in the year of our Lord eighteen hundred and thirty nine, between David Laymon & Alexander Breeding, Overseers of the poor of Jackson township in the county of Shelby State of Indiana of the one part, and Nathaniel Allbee of the county aforesaid of the other part, Witnesseth that the said Overseers have put, placed and bound and doth by these presents put place and bind Lafayette Simmons, a poor boy, aged five years and eleven months, as an apprentice to the said Nathaniel Albee to be taught the art, trade and occupation of a Cooper which he the said Nathaniel Allbee, so uses, and to live with and serve him the said Nathaniel Allbee as an apprentice for the Term of Fifteen years and one month from this date, that is to say until he the said Lafayette Simmons shall arrive to the age of Twenty one years, if the said Nathaniel Allbee shall so long live. And the said overseers do by these presents give unto the said Nathaniel Allbee all the right power and authority over the said Lafayette Simmons, and his services, during the said term, which by the laws of this state a master has in & over a lawfully indentured apprentice. And the said Nathaniel Allbee in consideration thereof, doth, on his part convenant promise and agree to and with the said Overseers and their successors in office, and each and every of them, and with the said Lafayette Simmons, that he will teach and instruct the said Lafayette Simmons, as his apprentice, or cause him to be well and sufficiently taught and instructed in the art, trade and occupation of a Cooper after the best way & manner that he can; and also to teach and instruct the said apprentice or cause him to be taught and instructed to read, write, and Arithmetick through the single Rule of Three, and train him to habits of industry and morality & during the term of his apprenticeship, to provide and allow to him sufficient meal, drink and washing, lodging and apparel, and all other things necessary for the apprentice during his said term, of apprenticeship. And the said Nathaniel Allbee further convenants and agrees to furnish and give to the said apprentice at the expiration of his aforesaid term of service, one set of Coopers tools worth twenty five dollars. Two new suits of wearing apparel worth thirty dollars, and one new suit of Brand Cloth worth forty five dollars. And twenty five dollars in cash.

In witness whereof the said parties have hereunto set their hands & seals, the day and year above written. Elizabeth Lucas J.B. Lucas

David Laymon Alexander Breeding Nathaniel Allbee (SEAL)


State of Indiana

Shelby County SS


Whereas the above bound Nathaniel Albee has lost his wife and finds it very inconvenient to retain the above bound apprentice in his service it is hereby agreed upon by and between the said Albee and the said overseers or their successors that the said Albee be released from his obligations and the said overseers hereby release the said Albee.

Witness our hands and seals this 3d day of February A.D. 1840

John S. Moore Isaac Rogers Nathaniel Allbee (SEAL)


Contributed by Barb Huff

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