Affidavit  of

Harriet  A.  Thornburg

Received For Record this 13 day of June 1919 at 3 P.M. and
Recorded in Misc Record No. 15 page 97 of the Record of Shelby County Indiana
Thomas H. Fox Recorder

            I,  Harriet A. Thornburg,  being duly sworn, upon my oath, depose and say that I and the surviving widow of  William M. Thornburg, who is named as the Grantee in the deeds noted at #24 and #27 of the within and foregoing Abstract of Title; and that said William M. Thornburg was the owner, in fee-simple, of the tracts of land described in said deeds, at the time of his death, said tracts of land comprising the tract of 86 acres, more or less, described at the beginning (at #1) of said Abstract. Said William M. Thornburg died intestate on the 5th day of January 1887, leaving him surviving, as his only heirs at law, his widow, who was and is myself, said Harriet A. Thornburg, and his two only children, viz: Roxana Thornburg, now married to and the lawful wife of  Clarence T. Eward,  and  James C. Thornburg;  that said  Roxana Eward  is now past the age of Twenty One years, but said James C. Thornburg was born on the 28th day of August 1883, and is now, therefore, a minor;
            I further swear that neither myself nor either of said children has ever executed any deed of conveyance for said real estate, nor for any interest therein, nor for any part thereof; and neither myself, nor either of said children has ever placed any mortgage upon said real estate, nor upon any interest therein, nor upon any part thereof;
            There is now no judgment against myself, nor against either of said children in any Court of the State of Indiana or of the United Stated; nor is there any Mechanicís lien against said real estate, or any part thereof; nor is there any delinquent tax against said real estate, nor has said real estate or any part thereof been sold for taxes.
            I, Harriet A. Thornburg, am the mother of said  Roxanna Eward and  James C. Thornburg, and We, myself and my said children, are now the sole and absolute owners of said real estate, in fee-simple, by descent and inheritance from said William M. Thornburg; and said real estate is now free and clear of all incumbrances save and except taxes, none of which is now delinquent.
Harriet A. Thornburg

            Subscribed and Sworn to before me this 21st day of April 1918, and my Notarial Commission will expire Jany 8 1919
W.W. Craig     Notary Public
Contributed by Barb Huff

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