Indenture  of

Catharine  Wheeler
Wrighten  Shiplet

Overseers of Poor Indenture to Wrighten Shiplet upon Catharine Wheeler
Recorded in the office of the Recorder of Shelby County Indiana August 9th 1839
In Deed Book I page 46 Milton Robins Recorder

            This indenture made this 20th day of May 1839 Between Wm. Steers & John Ballard overseers of the poor of Liberty township Shelby County Indiana of the one part and  Wrighten Shiplet  of the County & State aforesaid of the other part witnesseth that the said overseers of the poor have and by thes presents do with the consent & approbation of Betty Wheler the mother do bind out Catharine Wheler a poor girl aged 4 years two months and ninteen days daughter of Betty Wheler of said township who is unable to support her said daughter Catharine do Bind unto the said Wrighten Shiplet the said Catharine Wheler for the term of thirteen years Nine months and Ninteen days from the date of this presents until the said Catharine shall arrive to be of the age of Eighteen years which the said overseers are informed will happen in the 17th day of March 1854 if the said Catharine will so long live and the said overseers do by these presents give unto the said Wrighten Shiplet all the authority powers rights to and over the said Catharine and her service to the said Wrighten Shiplet during such service of time which a master hath to and over a lawfully indentured apprentice and the said Wrighten Shiplet on his part in consideration thereof doth covenant and agree & with the said overseers of the poor & their successors in office for the time beaing and the said Catharine Wheler is to be instructed in the Bisness of house wiferay and is to be sent to school so as to learn to Read & Wright & further the said Wrighten Shiplet doth agree to and with the said overseers at the end of said term of time to give the said Catharine Wheler one Bed & Beding to be worth thirty dollars and further said Shiplet is to find the said Catharine good wearing apparl and boarding & lodging such as is Common for said girl and further said Shiplet is to give the said Catharine [????] and further the said Shiplet is to instruct the said Catharine obedience and Morality during the term of the apprenticeship and at the end of the time [??] said the said Shiplet is to give the said Catharine decent clothing

            In testimony whereof we have hereunto set our hands and seal the date above written

        Attest Joseph Cummins

Wm. Steers         John Ballard         Wrighten Shiplet (SEAL)     Overseers of the Poor

Contributed by Barb Huff

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