Indenture  of

William  W.  Willson
Reuben  Barnard

Received for Record Nov. 5th 1858 at 9 O’clock A.M
Recorded in Book No. 2 page 33 J. Milleson Recorder for Shelby Co

            Indenture of apprentice Between William Willson  (the name of the Father of the Miner) of Shelby County, Indiana; and  Ruben Barnard  of Hancock County Indiana (the name of the Master) witnesseth and  William W. Wilson  (the name of the apprentice)  Witnesseth the said William W. Wilson (the apprentice) aged Eight years on the 20th day of June 1858 by and with the consent of Said William Wilson his Father hath and doth hereby Bind himself as an apprentice into the said Ruben Barnard until the 20th day of June 1871 from the date hereof to learn the Buisness of farming, and the said William W. Wilson Covenants faithfully to serve said Ruben Barnard as such apprentice during said Term, and the said Ruben Barnard Covenants with William W. Wilson to teach him the said occupation of Farming, and to provide him during said Apprenticeship all Necessaries proper to his age and Condition and to cause him to be taught to Read and write and the Rules of arithmatic to the Double Rule of three if practicable, and at the Experation of said term to furnis to him, the Said William W. Willson as follows to wit One Good Horse Saddle and Bridle, a good Suit of freedom Clothes full; and one Hundred dollars in Cash.

Witness our hands and Seals this 31st day of July 1858
William Willson         Reuben Barnard         Wm. W. Willson  (SEAL)

Contributed by Barb Huff

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