State  of  Indiana,  Shelby  County,  ss:
Circuit  Court,  March  Term,  1917

Harry  E.  Dilts  et  al  *
          * Petition  for  Partition  and  Sale  of  Real  Estate

          Comes now Harry E. Dilts, as Commissioner of said court appointed in the above entitled cause and shows to the court that he has sold to  Roy  C.  Rutherford  the following described real estate located in Shelby County, State of Indiana, to-wit:

          Lots Numbered Nine (9), Ten (10) and Eleven (11) in Avery’s Addition to the Town of St. Paul.
          He shows to the court that he sold said real estate to said purchaser for the sum of $600.00 and that said purchase money has been paid in cash the receipt of which is acknowledged by said Commissioner.
          Said Commissioner shows that said sum was the best and highest price that he could obtain for said real estate and more than the appraised value thereof.
          Said Commissioner prays the court to approve this report of sale and that he be ordered to execute, and deliver to said purchaser, a deed for said real estate, subject to the tax due and payable in fall of 1917.

Signed:  Harry E. Dilts,

Subscribed and sworn to before me this 21st day of April 1917.
Commissioned to October 11th, 1917.

Signed:  Anderville  Shaw,
Notary Public

Transcribed by Melinda Moore Weaver.

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