Petition  for  Adoption

Earl  Roberts,

Margaret  Roberts,

In Re Petition of Margaret Roberts for the adoption of Earl Roberts, a minor

To the Hon. Alonzo Blair, Judge of the Shelby Circuit Court:

            Your petitioner would respectfully show: That her name is Margaret Roberts and that she now resides in Shelby County, Indiana
            That she desires to adopt Earl Roberts as her son; that he is of the age of thirteen years and has no father nor mother.
            That said Earl Roberts has personal property of the value of $150.00 and owns real estate consisting of an undivided interest in a house and lot in the town of Boggstown in said county of the probable value of $1000 that he has no other property.
            Your petitioner would further show that the mother of said Earl Roberts died when he was an infant and that this petitioner married his father,  Everett Roberts  when said Earl Roberts was but of the age of 14 months; that said Earl Roberts has ever since been under the care and direction of this petitioner and knows no other mother than her; that said Everett Roberts died in the 17th day of December, 1919; that since last date said Earl Roberts has lived with this petitioner who is his legally appointed qualified and acting guardian; that this petitioner desires to adopt said child on account of her great loved and affection for him and to the end that he may be her son and heir legally.
            Wherefore your petitioner prays that she may be allowed by this honorable court to adopt said Earl Roberts as her heir at law, and that his name remain as it now is.
Margaret Roberts    

State of Indiana, Shelby County,         SS:
            Margaret Roberts being duly sworn on her oath says that the matters and things set forth in the foregoing petition are true.
Margaret Roberts    

Subscribed and sworn to before me this 24 day of March, 1920
George Tolen     Prosecuting Attorney

Contributed by Barb Huff

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