Adoption of

Ida S. Trees

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Disposed of Mch T 93

In the matter of the
adoption of Ida S
Treess a minor

Jacob H & Susan R
Trees petitioners
Box 378
to - 556

Petition to adopt

Filed Mch 20 1893
J R Sedgwick

D.L. Wilson

State of Indiana           In Circuit Court
Shelby County ss           March Term A D 1893

In the matter of the
adoption of Ida S. Trees
                   The undersigned petitioners  Jacob H Trees  and  Susan M Trees  show to the court that  Ida S. Trees  is a female child of the age of two years, a resident of said county and state, and now resides with your petitioners, and is without any property real or personal, known to said petitioners.  Said child has no mother living, but has a father living, that said childs father is desirous having petitioners adopt said child, and petitioners are desirous of adopting said child that they are brother and sister to the father of said child and are suitable persons to raise and care for said child, and they pray an order of this court to that effect
Jacob H Trees /s/
Susan M Trees /s/
            Subscribed and sworn to before me this 18"
            day of March AD 1893
David L Wilson
Notary Public
Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

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