Estate  of
Noble  Grimes,  dec 'd

Noble Grimes, Decd.

Messrs. Nickle, Toner Boon
Returnable 2nd Monday August 1837
Confirmed 1st Day Commsrs. Allowance
$1.50 Cts. Each

State of Indiana
Shelby County SS
                    Be it remembered that on the 11th day of July A.D. 1837 personally appeared before me Wm. Law a Justice of the peace in and for said county,  Joseph B. Nickol,  Edward Toner  and  Joseph J. Boon, the Commissioners appointed in the within order and Solemnly sworn that they and each of them will faithfully and impersonally discharge the duties required of by the within order.

Wm. Law (SEAL)
Justice of the peace

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

State of Indiana
Shelby County Probate Court of May Term 1837

Samuel Scott
Henrietta Wilson late of Sh. C &
William Law Assignee

                    Comes now the said Complainant by Major and files his petition in the words following towit; And the premises being seen. It is answered and decreed by the Court that Joseph B. Nickel Edward Toner and Joseph J. Boon, and hereby appointed Commissioners to assign and Set off to the said  William Law  assignee the dower of the said  Henrietta Grimes Wilson  late Henrietta Grimes of and un to the said West half of the South East quarter of Section Thirty One in Township Twelve North of Range Six East the said Real Estate of the said Noble Grimes deceased And that they make report in the premises to this Court on the first day of the next term as required by Law And this cause is continued.
                Attest   Sylvan B. Morris Clerk

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Joseph Nickle
Edward Toner
Joseph Boon Junr.
Petition for setting of Dower
Filed in Open Court May 12th 1837
S. B. Morris Clk.

Samuel Scott Assignment of Dower
Widow of Noble Grimes, dec
Probate Court of Shelby County
May Term A.D. 1837
State of Indiana Shelby County SS

                    To the Honourable Jacob Kenerly Judge of the Probate Court of Shelby county
Humbly complaining shew unto your honour your orator Samuel Scott of the County of Shelby and State of Indiana   That Noble Grimes late of said County deceased died seized in fee simple of the West half of the South East quarter of section thirty one Township Twelve North Range Six East containing Eighty acres situate in said County, leaving Henrietta Grimes now Henrietta Wilson and nine Children him surviving, and that sometime after the decease of the said Noble Grimes, the said Henrietta assigned her dower or one third part of said tract of land to one  William Law  of said County who ever since and now does occupy the same to the total exclusion of your orator, And your orator further represents that the said Estate was on the 9th day of July 1836 sold at public auction by Joseph Nickel a commissioner duly appointed by the Shelby Circuit Court for that purpose of that  Arthur Grimes  became the purchaser thereof at that time aforesaid and afterwards the said Arthur Grimes sold and conveyed the same to your orator, Your orator further shews that he frequently and in a friendly manner applied to the said Law to lay of the dower or one third part of said tract of land to said Law to which the said Henrietta was entitled and did actually assign and set over the same to the said Law who refused to accept the same Your orator therefore prays your honour to appoint commissioners to assign and set over to said William Law or any other person as entitled thereto the Dower or one third part of the Said Henrietta of in & to the said tract of land during her Natural life of the said Henrietta and your orator will pray.
Samuel Scott              

Contributed by Barb Huff
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