Estate  of
Joseph  Cummins, decd

Box 194 No. 203

Shelby Circuit Court
    Estate of Joseph Cummins, deceased
Disposed of March 1881
Petition to Sell Real Estate, Joseph A. Haymond Administrator
Filed April 15, 1881     Fred H. Chueden Clerk

No. 203 ďAĒ
In Estate of Joseph Cummins Deceased, Joseph A. Haymond, Admir.
Petition to sell Real Estate Order Book 21 page 514
Filed April 15, 1881 Fred H. Chueden Clerk         Sutton & Moore
Waiver of notice filed

In the Estate of Joseph Cummins, dec                                         In the Circuit Court Probate No.
Joseph A. Haymond, Admir

To The Hon. K. M. Hord, Judge of said Court:
            Your petitioner Joseph A. Haymond as the administrator of the Estate of Joseph Cummins deceased respectfully shows to the Court that he was appointed as such Admir. On the __ day of ____ 1881. That the all the personal property left by said decedent was in money which has been and will be applied in settlement of said Estate and distributed among heirs. That the only other property left by said decedent is the following described real Estate in Shelby county, Indiana towit: 
            Forty six feet off of the West side of Lot number Eleven (11) in Haymondís first addition to the town of Waldron. That said decedent left surviving him no widow, but left as his heirs at law, his children,  Margaret Haymond,  Adam Cummins,  Martha Madison  and  Sarah Cummins and his grand child  John Thomas, who are entitled to share equally in his said Estate real and personal, and who are all adults and 21 years of age.  He shows that the indebtedness of said Estate is very small; that the value of said lot is less than One Hundred dollars, that it is impossible to have partition of the same so that said heirs can enjoy their respective shares.  He shows that all of said heirs desire the sale of said Real Estate by this Admir, without notice of this petition and at private sale, and the proceeds distributed among them, and he files a waiver of such notice.  That part of said heirs are Non residents of this state.  He therefore asks an order to sell said real Estate at private sale without notice, for not less than appraised value thereof for cash and to report at this term of Court.
Joseph A. Haymond    
            Subscribed and sworn to before me this 14 day of April 1881.

Contributed by Barb Huff

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