Estate  of

Caleb  Hargrove,

Box 57

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An Inventory of the personal property of Caleb Hargrove deceased, George Hargrove Admr
And the Sale bill of said Decedent Box 57
Filed April the 19” 1861                 Abe Miller Clerk                 Recorded

Shelby County February the 9” 1859

The prasement bill

one horse $50.00
one Cow 8.00
one Wagon 8.00
one Calf 2.00
Braken plow 1.50
shovel plow stock .50
Clips .25
dobletree and singletree .90
Doble shovel 3.00
gears 2.50
one sadle .50
one stove 5.00
one kitle 1.50
ovens 2.25
tin ware 1.00
tub and Washbord 1.00
Churn & Sive bole .75
Coffa mill & arns Jug .75
Hardware 2.25
twols 3.50
one table 1.00
sacks 1.50
sole leather 3.00
Wheat 4.00
Acks .50
Chears 1.11 ˝
salt .75
Meat 4.50
Beans .25
one Clock 6.50
locking glass .10
Bed 8.00
Bed 7.00
Bed         3.00
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Amt over $136.37
Beaurow 3.00
Ropes .25
Hogs 7.00
shovel .25
two akers & a half of Wheat  


Nathan Lackey $156.87
Henry Kerns cash on hand        1.00
the prasers $157.87

State of Indiana Shelby County SS
I, George C. Hargrove swear that the forgoing is a true full and compleat Inventory of the personal property of Caleb Hargrove Deceased as fare as the same came to my hands to Administer George C. Hargrove
Subscribed and sworn to and subscribed before me April 19th 1859 Abe Miller Clerk


Sale  Bill
The day of Sale the 2 of March 1859
George C. Hargrove one Horse $40.00
Matilda Hargrove one Cow 7.25
John Hargrove one braken plow .50
John Hargrove on plow stock .16
Leonidas Gordon one Calf 2.30
John Hargrove tubletree and swingle tree .75
George C. Hargrove Clips .90
John Hargrove doble shovel 4.70
Leonidas Gordon one pair of gears 1.55
John Basset one pair of gears 1.40
John Hargrove one sadle .25
Elmira Basset on Coocking stove 1.75
George C. Hargrove on kitle 1.00
John W. Hargrove Ovens .25
Sarah Ann Cross tin ware .55
Sarah Ann Cross tub and Washbord .25
Sariah Ann Cross Churn and bole .25
Mary Johnson one meal sive .20
Sariah Ann Cross two smuthing arn .55
John Hargrove one Coffe mill .30
Sariah Ann Cross Hard ware .40
Sariah Ann Cross Cups and sausers .15
Sariah Ann Cross one set of plates .20
Sariah Ann Cross sugar bole .10
George Hines botels .15
John Hargrove She making twols 3.20
John Hargrove a lot of Calck 1.05
John Hargrove Leather 1.50
Joseph Johnson one ax .25
John Hargrove two Chears .55
Sariah Ann Cross Chears .55
George C. Hargrove a lot of Salt      .50
George C. Hargrove got four bushel of Wheat 
at 88 cents a bushel
Sariah Ann Cross Reans .10
George C. Hargrove one Clock 9.05
George Hines one loocking glass .10
Charles W. Cross hogs 7.00
Matilda Hargrove one bed .50
Matilda Hargrove one bed .30
Sariah Ann Cross Beurow 2.00
Matilda Hargrove Ropes .20
Mary Johnson one oven .20
George Hargrove one fire shovel .10
John Hargrove a bunch of tallow .10
George C. Hargrove some leather 1.25
George C. Hargrove meat, twenty five cents 2.10
Thomas Ware two acres & a half of Wheat .25
John Hargrove one sythe 10.00
John Hines one old wagon 1.40
Chickens 3.40
Two dollars and pade by Mr. Barmon
  One Bead
George Hines the Cryar $106.90

State of Indiana Shelby County
                    I, George C. Hargrove swear that the forgoing is a true and compleat sale Bill of the personal property sold of said disedent.
George C. Hargrove
Subscribed and sworn to be fore me April the 19th 1859                 Abe Miller Clerk




Notice of Insolvency
At the July term of the Court of Common Pleas of Shelby County, Indiana, the Estate of Caleb Hargrove, deceased was declared probably insolvent. Creditors are therefore notified that the same will be settled accordingly. July 9, 1861 
George C. Hargrove Administrator
Common Pleas     No. 155     Citation
To George Hargrove Admr. of  Caleb Hargrove
Returnable to July Term 1861

Served by reading to the within named George Hargrove June 18th 1861



                               Henry Doble SSC







Citation to Account
State of Indiana, Shelby County, Sct:
            To George Hargrove
                        By direction of the Court of Common Pleas of said County, you are hereby cited to appear before said Court at the next term thereof to be held at Shelbyville, in said County, on the first Monday in July 1861, to render an account of your proceedings in the Administration of the Estate of Caleb Hargrove deceased.
            In testimony whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and affixed the seal of said Court, this 14 day of June A.D., 1861
Alonzo Blair Clerk


Caleb Hargrove deceased
Petition of Insolvency

State of Indiana
Shelby County     SS
                    George C. Hargrove Administrator of the Estate of Caleb Hargrove deceased now shows to the Court of Common Pleas of said County that the amount of assets that have and will come to his hands as such Administrator answer to about the sum of $107.90, that the amount of debts against said Estate so for as the same have come to his knowledge amount to about the sum of $211.00 leaving a deficiency of $103.11, that all the property of said Estate have been sold, and it is clearly insolvent wherefore he asks an order to settle said Estate as insolvent.
George C. Hargrove            
Subscribed and sworn to in open Court July 1st 1861                     A. Blair Clk


Caleb Hargrove deceased
Proof of Publication of Insolvency
Filed in Open Court Nov, 14 1861     A. Blair Clk

State of Indiana Shelby County     SS
                On this day Reuben Spicer came personally into open Court and being sworn says that the notice, a true copy of which is hereto attached was published in the Shelby Volunteer, a weekly newspaper published in said County & of general circulation thereon on the 1st day of August 1861 & further says not.
R. Spicer

Subscribed & sworn to in open court Novr 12 1861                 Alonzo Blair     Clerk

State of Indiana Shelby county
                On this day George C. Hargrove came personally into open Court and makes oath & says that on or about the 25th day of July 1861, he posted up written notices in three public places in said County a true copy of which is attached to the top of the reverse page of this paper, & further says not.
George C. Hargrove            
Subscribed & sworn to in open court Novr 12 1861                 Alonzo Blair     Clerk


Final Settlement

Caleb Hargrove deceased Settlement
Filed in Open Court November 6 1865 A. Blair Clerk

In the Estate of Caleb Hargrove dec Settlement
                The following are the accounts of George C. Hargrove Administer of said Estate on final settlement, Amount of Inventory of
personal Estate on file $157.87
Collected from M. Bowman         2.00
Interest collected       6.00
Amount of charges $165.87

Said Administrator claims credit for the payment of the following sums on account of said Estate.
No.  1    paid A. Goble as per receipt $   3.75
No. 2 paid J. Cummins as per receipt 10.00
No. 3 paid Thos F. Kirk as per receipt 1.50
No. 4 paid J. T. Johnson as per receipt 3.25
No. 5 paid Davis Wright & Green 10.00
Loss on sales 49.97
No. 6 Admr charges allowed 16.50
No. 7 paid George Hinds .60
No. 8 paid A. Blair costs       12.21
Amount of Credits $107.78
Amount for distribution     58.09

And said Administrator shows that two claims are filed against said Estate as follows towit—
2 Notes due H. M. Morrison descase Nov 3rd 1857 for      $91.52
1 Note due John Gadd due Aug 20, 1858 71.00
and he has paid to said claimant the following sums towit:
to John Gadd No. 9 24.14
To H. M. Morrison No. 10   33.95

And he files the receipts therefore and he asks to be discharged         George C. Hargrove
Sworn to & subscribed in open Court Novr 6 1865         Alonzo Blair     Clerk



Shelbyville 24 January 1859
                    Estate of Calib Hargrove to A. Goble Dr.
Jany 24th    3 yds B. Shecting .12 ˝ 3 yds Dretting .12 ˝     .75
Jany 24th 5 yds Jk Muslin .50 1 pr Cut Hoes .20 2.70
Jany 24th 1 pr Gloves .20 2 Sp. Thread .05 .30
Rec’d payment 23 August 1861 $3.75 
                    By George Hargrove                 A. Goble

Shelbyville Jan 29th 1860
                Received of George C. Hargrove $10.00 as adminstrater of the estate of Caleb Hargrove
Joseph M. Cummins            


Morristown March 1st 1861
                Received of George Hargrove one 50/100 dollars in full of my account against the Estate of Calip Hargrove for Coffin Box.
Thos. F. Kirk            


November the 12 1861
            Received of George C. Hargrove from the Estate of Caleb Hargrove for taking care of one Cow and some hogs the some of three dollars and twenty five cents.
John T. Johnson            


Received of George Hargrove Administrator of Calib Hargrove Sixty Cents in full for crying a sale at the residence of said Calib Hargrove. This fifth Nov 1865
George Hinds                


                Rec’d of George C. Hargrove Administrator of the Estate of Caleb Hargrove dec’d ten dollars on account of our fee for services as attorneys in the affairs of said Estate. Jany 9th 1862.
                            Davis, Wright & Green


No. 9 Rec’d of Geo. C. Hargrove Admr $24.14 in full of the distribution on this note.   Nov 6 1865
John Gadd     by Davis & Wright Attys
Filed March the 22nd 1859      Abe Miller Clerk


$71.00                                                                                         Feb 20th 1851
                Eight months after date, I promise to pay to the order of John Gadd Seventy one dollars, Value received without any relief whatever from Exemption, Homestead, Valuation or Appraisement Laws.
Caleb Hargrove        


Estate of Caleb Hargrove dec’d
                Recvd of the Admr of said Estate Twelve 21/100 Dollars costs Nov 6th 1865
A. Blair     Clerk                


                Received of Geo. C. Hargrove Admr of the Estate of Caleb Hargrove dec’d thirty three 95/100 dollars in full of the dividend due me on note against said Estate and Settlement as insolvent
Nov 6 1865                             H. M. Morrison by Davis & Wright


Transcribed by Barb Huff

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