Estate  Papers  of

John  Arnold,  dec'd

Filebox  59

Shelby County Court House vault
Shelbyville, IN

State of Indiana, County of Shelby }}
Shelby Cou Treas July term 1866 }}

                 Sena Arnold Administratrix of the Estate of John M. Arnold  
deceased in account for final Settlement:  Said Administratrix charges herself with the
amount of the inventory and appraisement on file $949.00
amount of Sale Bill over appraisement 131.05
14 head of fat hogs weighing 3200 lbs at 102 cs** 336.00
Collected of partnership accounts held 
by the deceased and N T Parkes as partners
 arrising from keeping a Jack in 1864
being the full sum of the accounts of deces
according to the terms of said partnership

And she asks credits as follows $ cts
No  1      Absolute claim of widow 300.00
2 John Shermans 12.00
3 Isaac Tindall 5.50
4 Thomas White 7.00
5 Wood G. Arnold 73.85
6 R.R. Washburn fr Bill 37.50
7 Depew " " 92.00
8 J.M. Arnold paid notes 225.95
9 Sebastian Nafer for goods 13.25
10 E. L. Floyd on note 6.25
11 Samuel Searight in note & acct 10.42
12 A L Underwood for Bill 7.00
13 Trimble& Madison on acct 5.40
14 IsaacNewton on acct 6.75
15 James Ryan 4.15
16 George Hardesty acct 21.45
17 A.H. & I.A. Haymond 1.25
18 James Mandlove 3.75
19 Katharine JLove 3.83
20 Isaac Tindall 6.00
21 G M Stroup 2.25
22 A R Davidson 6.55
23 Thomas White on acct 205.66 2/3
24 Tax due at deceas death 34.25
25 Elzy Rucker 4.00
26 James Bennet for crying sale 5.00
27 P R Ship(?) on note 41.48
28 Wood G. Arnold on note 88.60
29 Elzy Rucker on acct 7.00
30 Marcus Duryee acct 17.00
31 John S Parsons fr Bill 5.50
32 Samuel Monroe on note 57.00
33 Lewis Jolly for coffin 35.00
34 William Neff 2.15
35 Indiana Fire Ins led(?) 19.00
36 John Walton Balance on note 167.50
37 Bennett Powell acct 10.30
38 Erastus Palmerton 14.35
39 John Palmerton 3.75
40 B F Love 20.00
41 A Blair Court Costs 22.56
total Credits* =======
total Charges brot forward from 1st page$1441.55
Excess of Credits over charges $171.02
[Inflation calculator]

                    Said Administratrix reports to the Court that the 14 head of fat hogs set forth in this inventory on file were sold by her after her appointment at final sale about the second of December 1864 that said decedent died Nov 10th 1864 and she took out Letters fifteen days thereafter being about the 26th of Nov and as soon thereafter as she could have said property inventoried     She advertised the sale of the property of said estate on Dec 29th 1864 and that she sold seven hogs before said sale this the reason that they were fat and in a good condition for market and she had not corn to spare to keep them till the day of the said sale and that she sold them for 10 1/2 cents per lb gross weigh being highest market prior and that seven hogs weighed 3200 lbs and that she received therefore the sum of $336 so specified in the foregoing account.   She further states that she took in addition to the three hundred Dollars worth of property at the appraisement as the widow of said J M Arnold two dollars worth of property at the appraisement in addition thereto and charged herself therewith in the foregoing settlement sheet She further states the $171.02 of indebtedness of said estate over the value of the personal effects thereof was discharged and assumed by her by giveing her individual notes therefor. for the purpose of preventing the sale of the Real Estate of said deceased for the payment of the debts against said estate.   She being the widow of said deceased she claims nothing for her services as such servant and reports that she has paid all demands against said estate and collected all demands in favor of the same promised to her. and asks to be discharged
Sena Arnold        
Sworn to and subscribed before me a Notary Public within and for the County and state above named
B F Love                      
Notary Public               
Note:  The original spelling and punctuation have been retained.

**  A fold in paper makes the writing following  "3200 pounds"  almost impossible to read.  A little arithmetic shows the amount is most likely 10.5 cents per pound.

John M. Arnold, b: 4 Mar 1826, Campbell Co., KY d: 10 Nov 1864 Shelby Co, IN
m: 18 Oct, 1848 Decatur Co., IN, to
Sena Palmerton, b: 16 Oct 1826, Manchester Twp, Dearborn Co, IN d: 31 Jan 1869 in Liberty Twp, Shelby Co, IN. They had four female children.

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            Received of  Sena Arnold  Administratrix of the Estate of  John Arnold  deceased Three dollars and Eighty three cents ($3.83) in full for my account against said Estate for Tuition for a school taught in Middletown Shelby County Indiana in the year 1864
Dec 18 1865                                                     Catharine J. Love

Transcribed by Barb Huff

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