Joseph  Leonard,  dec'd

Tristram Macy &
Franklin F Swain

Administrators of
Estate of Joseph Leonard

-------- --------
Petition for sale
of Real estate

Sept 1/43
[?] 28/43
Box 6

Filed in open Court
May 12th 1845
                  J Vernon Clk


An inventory of the real estate of Joseph Leonard late of Shelby county deceast The said Joseph at the time of his death was owner of the following Real estate to wit, The West half of the North East quarter of section nine Township thirteen of Range eight east, containing eighty acres held by and in fee simple valued at five hundred dollars...............Appraised Monday May 12th 1845

/s/  James M Baxter
Robert  X  Brown

Before me the undersigned a justice of the peace for the county of Shelby this day personally came Tristram Macy administrator of the estate of Joseph Leonard deceast and James M. Baxter and Robert Brown appraisers above named and nade oath that the above is a just and true inventory and appraisment of the real estate of the said deceast to the best of their knowledge and judgment.

May 12. 1845   /s/  Elbridge G Mayhew {{seal}}
Justice of the peace


To the Honorable William H Sleath Judge of the Probate Court of Shelby County in the state of Indiana, the Memorial of Tristram Macy and Franklin F. Swain, administrators of the estate of Joseph Leonard, late of Shelby county deceast, who died intestate, Respectfully sheweth; that the personal estate of the said intestate is insufficient for the payment of his debts, as appears by the account herewith produced:  and that the said intestate, at the time of his death, was the owner of certain Real estate, amounting by appraisment, to five hundred dollars, an inventory whereof is herewith also exhibited. Their was due and owing by the said deceast, at the time of his death, the following sums to wit:

To E. H. Reynolds by note payable March 3rd 1841  $ 66 12-1/2
To Terry Bishop &c by note due december 25th 1844  14 00
To Jacob Mull book account 14 63
To Frederick Macy estate by note due Dec 25th 1843 84 00
To T. B. Macy ballance on note due Dec 25 1841   28 00
To Joel Jones by note due Dec 1842 2 00
To T. C. Macy account 3 37-1/2
To Robert Phares account 0 75
To John Woods account 0 62-1/2
To Robert C. Fair account 1 75
To Mortgage to school commissioners 87 50
To Runnels and Treece Medical account 17 43-3/4
To balance on a note to Jacob Mull due Jan 1st 1843 9 60
To Jethro S Folger account 1 50
To Jefferson Arnoth [sp?] account   60
To Milton Coffin account 24 93
To Samuel Grist by Note due Dec 25th 1843 29 54
To Doct Sexton by note supposed to be 8 00
To Franklin F. Swain, by note 7 00
Amt carried over   $ 401 36-1/2
To Amount brought over $ 410 36
To Mortgage to the sinking fund 250 00
interest on notes unpaid   10 00
  $ 661 36
The amount of the personal estate as per inventory now on file after deducting one hundred and fifty dollars as the widows share +477 00
leaving a deficit exclusive of costs of administration of $ 184 36

Your memoralists therefore prays your honor to grant him and order for the sale of the aforesaid Real estate or so much thereof at private or public sale as will be sufficient to discharge the said debts and other demands and such expenses as may hereafter accrue.
May 12th 1845.

Heirs of Joseph Leonard deceast

Joseph Swain Leonard }} residents of Shelby county
Malinda Leonard.         }}
The above heirs will be summoned to appear at the next term of this court to show cause why the prayer of this petition should not be granted.

Jas.. Harrison for
the Administrators

James M. Baxter & Robert Brown appointed appraisers.

Transcribed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

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