In  the  matter  of  the
estate  of

Julian Ensminger,

Jane Ensminger,

Box 200


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

          Jane Ensminger as administratrix of the Estate of said decedent reports and shows to the Court that she was appointed to said trust by this Court on the 4th day of September 1880. 
And she charges herself with amount of Inventory and appraisement on file in the sum of $851. 60
And she charges herself with the Excess of sale Bill over Inventory in the amount of $23. 65
And she charges herself with money collected not inventoried in sum of  17. 00
And she charges herself with amount received of St.Clair Ensminger as administrator of the Estate of Phillip Ensminger deceased on the distributive share of said Julien Ensminger in said Estate in the sum of $25. 00

Total charges     

$917. 25

And said Administratrix claims credit for the following amounts paid out by her on account of said Estate as shown by vouchers filed herewith as follows.
No. 1  Paid D. B. Wilson Undertaker  $41.00
No. 2  Paid G.M. Goulding for dec'd burial suit   11.00
No. 3   Paid W.D. Ray Printer 9.00

Transcribed by Barb Huff  for  Bob McKenzie

Note:  The above is only the final settlement.  The estate bundle also includes an inventory, sale bill and interim reports of collections and expenditures. -- PMF

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