re:  Estate  of  John  O'Toole

Box 775

 Filed October 30” 1913
 Otto L. Coyle Clerk

Portland, Maine
October 22, 1913

Otto I. Coyle, Esq.
Clerk of Probate Court, Shelbyville, Ind.

Dear Sir:
            You are authorized to give to Thomas H. Campbell, Esq. your check to me for the $215.00 coming to me as one of the heirs of the estate of John O’Toole according to the final account made, as I understand it, on September 27, 1913.

Yours very truly,                                                            
Witness Margaret O’Toole Tracey her X Mark
Charles A. ?Struel
Jennie M. Stunn?

Transcribed by Barb Huff

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