Guardianship  of

George,  John C.,  Eliza A.,
and  William H. Newton,

minor  heirs

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Fifteenth Day, March Term, 1868, Shelby Common Pleas--Probate. March 18

Guardianship of
John C. Newton, George Newton
Eliza A. Newton and William H. Newton Final Settlement
minor heirs of Philinda Newton dec: (on Citation)
John Newton, Guardian

Comes now into open Court Said Guardian and files and presents to the Court a Report of his said Trust, for final Settlement of the same, on Citation, which is duly verified by affidavit and made in the Words and figures following to wit:

State of Indiana Shelby County Shelby Common Pleas March Term 1868.

John Newton  Guardian of the persons and Estate of  John C. Newton,  George Newton,  Eliza A. Newton  and  William H. Newton  minor heirs of  Philinda Newton  deceased in answer to the Citation issued to him to report as to said Trust makes the following as and for his final Report therein.

He states that he received about June 12, 1856 the Sum of $175.00.  He states that he made Report to this Court in March Term 1862 in which he charges himself with
Interest on that Amount as 6 per cent, being about    $175.00
to the best of his recollection he charges himself with Interest $235.48
on that Amount from March 6, 1862 up to March 1st 1865 $ 63.84
Total due said Wards $299.32

He states that at March 1st, 1865 said Wards were all of and over twenty one years of age, and he settled with them fully and accounted to them for the whole Amount due each of them and as their Guardian being as follows::

No. 1 Paid to John C. Newton   $84.83
No. 2 Paid to George Newton $84.83
No. 3 Paid to William Newton $84.83
No. 4 Paid to Eliza A. Dewit (formerly Eliza Newton) $84.83
being his said four Wards and took their Receipts therefor, which Receipts are herewith filed.

He states that he has paid the Costs of said Citation and all Court Costs of said Guardianship and asks to be discharged. He states that said Report of 1862 was not spread upon the Record and diligent search has been made for the said Report and the same cannot be found.
John Newton

Subscribed and sworn to before me this March 10, 1868. Witness my hand and Notarial Seal.
B. F. Love, NP

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