Compilation of information available at the Courthouse, 1862-1876


Complete Record Probate Book 3
Page 506
Will of William Green, dec'd, filed 16 Nov 1855
executor, Jacob Green (his father)
security, William H Pollitt
widow, Rebecca Swain
6 Mar 1862

Complete Record Probate Book 5
Page 315
Estate of  John Scofield, dec'd
guardian of minor heirs, John C Green (for the real estate sales only)
25 Mar 1865

Complete Record Probate Book 6
Page 517
Estate of Nehemiah Pollitt, dec'd, of Hanover Twp
administrator, Francis M Pollitt
securities, Alfred Lambert,  John Pollitt,  Jacob Green,  Joshua Holding
widow, Mary
3 Jul 1865

Complete Record Probate Book 7
Page 85
Estate of Zachariah B Waller, dec'd
minor heir, Jacob Gatewood
guardian of Jacob, Elbridge G Mayhew
another estate involved:  Robert Gatewood
      Perry Green recovered US Govt monies for Robert's estate
      above monies distributed to Jacob Gatewood
10 Jul 1865

Complete Record Probate Book 7
Page 151
Estate of Christopher Green, dec'd
minor heir, William Green
guardian of William, James Green, appointed in 1860
settlement, William of age (21)
5 Jul 1865

Complete Record Probate Book 9
Page 247
Estate of  William Collins, dec'd
minor heirs, Cassius M, Joshua, Martha M Collins
guardian, Nathaniel Thompson
widow, Martha Green, now living in Morgan Co IN
18 Mar 1872

Complete Record Probate Book 9
Page 450

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