Shelby  County  Indiana

Will and Testament of
Joseph  Lacy

          In the name of the Benovolent Father of all:
I, Joseph Lacy, of Liberty Township Shelby County and State of Indiana, do make and publish this my last will and testament:
          Item 1st:  I give and devise to my beloved wife in lieu of her interest in my real estate Two Thousand Dollars in money, and after her death the said Sum of Two Thousand Dollars to go to her heirs forever, my said wife is to hold no claim on any of my personal property, whatever, all of my Said wifes personal property that she had at the time of our marriage to be hers in lieu thereof.
          Item 2nd:  all of my property personal and real except said Two Thousand Dollars that I bequeath to my wife, I give and devise to my children to be devided equally between them, less the sum set opposite their several names Said Sums that are set oposite their names being what they have recived of me as gifts.  Edmund Lacy  less Three Hundred Dollars,  Jonathan Lacy  less Eighty Dollars,  Henry Lacy  less Two Hundred and seventeen dollars and fifty cents.  Josiah Lacy  less Four Hundred and Twenty Seven and Dollars and fifty cents.  Peter Lacy  Less Four Hundred and Twenty Dollars.  George Righly LacyPhillip Bennet Lacy
Marilda Lacy  less Two Hundred and Five Dollars and fifty cents.  Deliah E. Lacy [insert: My Daughter Said Deliah Lacy to have three quilts in addition to her equal share],  Sarah Isabella Lacy,  my daughter Sarah Isabella Lacy, to have and to hold in addition to her equal share of all my property, her Sister Elizabeth's apparrel and quilts.
          Item 3th [sic].  I do hereby nominate and appoint  Elzy Rucker  guardian of my daughter Deliah E. Lacy and Sarah Isabella Lacy and my sons George R. Lacy and Philip B. Lacy Sarah Isabella Lacy, George R. Lacy and Philip B. Lacy arrives at the age of twenty one years of age or intermarries;  My heirs guardian is hereby enjoined to give my said children a good English education, and to rear them in habits of industry and morality.  In testimony hereof, I have hereunto Set my hand and seal this Eleventh day of August A.D. 1866.
/s/ Joseph Lacy
Transcribed from the estate papers of Joseph Lacy, dec'd, by Phyllis Miller Fleming.

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