Will and Testament of
emon  M. Stratton



State of Indiana                in the Shelby Circuit Court,
Shelby County SS             January Term 1916 

In the matter of the estate of ___________ Election of widow of  Lemon M. Stratton.

Lemon M. Stratton, deceased,______________ to take under the law and not under Louella Stratton Executrix,  _______________  will of said decedent.


To the Clerk of the Shelby Circuit Court and all others: 

          Be it known that I  Louella Stratton, being the widow of  Lemon M. Stratton deceased, late of Shelby County, Indiana, who died testate, and whose last will and testament has been duly admitted to probate and record in will record No. 7 at page 86 of the Clerks office in said county, being advised as to the provisions, terms and conditions in said last will contained, hereby elect to take under the laws of the State of Indiana and the statutes for such cases made and provided, for the widows of deceased husbands instead of under the last will and testament of said decedent, and I hereby refuse to take or accept the terms of said last will and I hereby elect as such widow, to hold and retain my rights under the statute of decent to the lands and all personal property of which my said husband died seized, notwithstanding the terms of said will and I refuse to accept any devise or provision whatsoever made by said will in my favor for or in lieu of my rights as widow in and to said real estate or personal property of which my said husband died seized.


                                                                                                Luella Stratton

                                                                                                Widow of Lemon M. Stratton, deceased.
Transcribed by Vonnie Galusha

State of Indiana
Shelby County SS
          On this 25th day of January, 1916, personally appeared before me the undersigned, a state Senator in and for said county and state, Louella Stratton, widow of Lemon M. Stratton, deceased, to me well known and having had fully explained to her the contents of the foregoing instrument, acknowledged that she executed the same as her voluntary act and deed.

          Witness my hand and official seal at Shelbyville, Indiana, this the date last above written.

    { SEAL }
W A Yarling State Senator, Elected Nov. 5, 1912.

Transcribed by Antoinette Waughtel Sorensen

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