Shelby  County  Indiana

Deaths:  January 1900

Surname, Given Name Death Date Cause of Death Physician Age Sex Race Funeral Home
Genb?g, Infant 1 Jan 1900 Cyanosis Dr. Derrow 2Days Female White C.W. Morrison
Fleetwood, Infant 2 Jan 1900 Hydrocephalus Dr. McEbeny Not Listed Female White Fleetwood
Snider, Mary E 4 Jan 1900 Pneomnia Edgar Geech 68y 3m 5d Female White Morrison
Brown, Pearl 4 Jan 1900 Pentussis Unknown 2Y 26D Female White Tindall
Fannell, Mary J 3 Jan 1900 Old Age D.F. Randolph 85Y 9M Female White John Edwards
Favors(?), William 3 Jan 1900 Old Age with loss of vitality Dr. Ballard 79Y Male White Aveny
Canover, Goldie 7 Jan 1900 Casarrhal Fever(spell?) Dr. Norton 5M 22d Female White Edwards & Hagiman
Duty, William 8 Jan 1900 Consumption C.A.Tindall 36Y Male White D.B. Wilson and Son
Weingarsh(spell?), Chas H 10 Jan 1900 Tubercular Consumption Dr. Winter 29Y 6M 8D Male White Stewart & Hand
Meikel, Mary V 11 Jan 1900 Pneumonia Dr. Kennedy 10Y 8M Female White Edward & Hageman
Royce, Charles 11 Jan 1900 Pneumonia Dr. Fleming 74 Y Male White Hageman
Mann, Harold L 11 Jan 1900 Pneumonia J.R. Rubush 6M 7D Male White Wilson & Son
Crisler, James S 12 Jan 1900 Old Age D.J. Ballard 82Y 10M 24D Male White J.C. Edwards
Hogue, Julia A 13 Jan 1900 Tumor of Peritoneum J.E. Keeling 59Y 11M 25D Female White D.B. Wilson
Monroe, Anna 14 Jan 1900 Lagrippe J.E. Keeling 29Y 3M 4D Female White D.B. Wilson
Crane, Lizzie M 15 January 1900 Died of: Valvular Disease of the heart Dr. Kennedy 41y 6M Female White Undertaker: D.B. Wilson
Woodruff, Samil D 16 January 1900 Paralysis Dr. Jones 80y 4M 25D Male White Unknown
Williams, Infant 19 January 1900 Premature Birth Unknown Unknown Male White Unknown
Coulston, Lillie M. 19 January 1900 Consumption Dr. Drake 28Y 5M 10D Female White Edwards
Robinson, Catherine 20 January 1900 Phthisis (check spelling) Pulumonalis W.M. Prenson 73Y 5M 10D Female White Unknown
Moore, Nancy 20 January 1900 Consumption Dr. Randolph 43Y 9M 20D Female White Unknown
Perry, James M 23 January 1900 Pneumonia Dr. Norton 6M 7D Male White Unknown
Parkinson, Ralph 24 January 1900 Defect of Circulation of Heart Dr. Green 6Days Male White Unknown

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