Lee  Deaths
Shelby  County,  Indiana

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This is a CLASSIC example of the errors made in writing information down years ago... I get really aggravated sometimes.
Her name is  Susan Ann or Susannah Cherry, not  Susan H. Cherry which I can understand this to a degree..
She was born in Ohio. and not Indiana, which they can only write what is given them to write.
She was married to William Wilford Cherry, my great-grandfather.  They were living together  at the time of her death and the Health Dept. should have had this information, but shows married, TO WHOM: Unknown!
I'm sure my G-Grandfather knew her parents names but, for parents, the Health Dept listed:  UNKNOWN.
I have been trying to find her place of rest for some time now and have called and visited the Anderson Cemetery.
I'm told  SHE  IS  NOT  THERE....Marked or Unmarked....
The birth and death dates are correct...The county and state, are also correct, along with age, race, marital status, sex and cause of death.

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Family  Records

Sanford Cherry,  died October 18, 1884, son of  William Cherry  and  Mary Lee.
Contributed by L. Nan Glover

Annie Lee 11-14-1888
Age - 40
Father - ? Hoop

Cora A. Lee
Age - 19
Father, Ed Havens or Mavens

Mary Lee
Age - 55
Parents - Not shown

Orvil Lee
Age - 3
Father, George
Mother, Angelina Jones

Elvin Lee
Age - 9 months
Father, David Lee - Ind.
Mother, Mary E. Koury or Konry

Thomas Lee
Age - 17
Father, John Lee, Ind.
Mother, ? Shadley, Ind.

William Lee
Age - 65
Father, Jonathon Lee
Mother, ? Copeland

Delia Lee
Age - 28
Father, John Lemar, Ind.
Mother, ? Grider, Kentucky

Flossie Lee
Age - 19 months
Father, William Lee, Ind.
Mother, ? Lemar, Ind.

Caleb Waren Lee
Father, Andrew J. Lee, Ind.
Mother, Mary Hastler, Germany
Burial, Fairland Cemetery

James N. Lee (GG-Grandmother's Nephew)
b. 3-15-1854, Ind.
d. 7-30-1909, Ind.
Wife, Mary
Father, William Lee, Ind.
Mother, Susan Amsden, Ind. 
Burial, Shelby County, (HAVE PICTURES)

Emma Lee
b. 8-3-1864, Ind.
d. 12-5-1909
Husband, William
Father, John McKinney, Ind.
Mother, Ann Mullen, Ind.
Burial, Shelby County

Abraham Lee
Age - 52
Father, Hiram Lee, West Virginia
Mother, Mary Brant, Ind.
Burial Patterson Cemetery

Joseph Lee
b. 3-6-1879, Ind.
d. 1-9-1936
Father, Hiram Lee, Ind.
Mother, Mary Brant, Ind.
Miller Cemetery

Albert H. Lee
b. 2-7-1898
d. 9-1-1910
Father, Elmer Lee, Ind.
Mother, Mary Gue, Ind.
Burial, Shelby County

Elmer E. Lee
b. 12-25-1866, Ind.
d. 10-25-1911, Ind.
Wife, Mary
Father, William Lee, Ind., (GG-Grandmother's Brother)
Mother, Susan Lee
Burial, Shelby County, (HAVE PICTURES)

Mary Lee
b. 8-29-1842, Switzerland
d. 10-23-1912
Father, Benedict Hasler
Mother, not shown
(Have Picture of Parents

Lucy A. Lee
b. 6-22-1851, Ohio
d. 12-29-1917
Husband, Levi Lee
Father, William Hill, Ohio
Mother, Mary Cowin, Ind.
Burial, Patterson Cemetery

Joseph N. Lee
b. 11-5-1863, Ind.
d. 3-9-1922
Wife, Mary
Father, John Lee, Ind.
Mother, not shown
Burial, Miller Cemetery

Robert Lee
b. 9-2-1895, Ind.
d. 6-30-1940
Wife, Louise
Father, Lewis Lee, Ind.
Mother, Addah Bevin, Ind.
Burial Kansas Cemetery, West of Edinburg, Ind.

David Lee
b. 10-14-1861, Shelby County, Ind.
d. 1-5-1942
Wife, Elizabeth
Father, Hiram Lee, Ind.
Mother, Mary, Ind.
Patterson Cemetery

Donna Lou Lee
Age - 3
Burial, Forest Hill Cemetery, Shelbyville, Ind.

John W. Lee
Age - 68
Burial, Lewis Creek Baptist, Cemetery, Shelbyville, Ind.

William L. Lee
Age - 74
Moravian Cemetery

Nora Lee
Age - 72
Lewis Creek Baptist Cemetery, Shelbyville, Ind.

Elizabeth Norris Lee
Age - 80
Center Cemetery

Edward Lee
Age - 59
Mt. Pisgah Cemetery

Emanuel D. Lee
Age - 82
Lewis Creek Baptist Cemetery, Shelbyville, Ind.

Audie Lee
b. 8-21-1884, Ind.
d. 11-19-1967
Father, Lewis M. Lee
Mother, Ibby Hoop
Boggstown Cemetery

Bertha Lee
b. 10-15-1879, Shelby County
d. 10-24-1958
Husband, Audie
Father, John Aulby
Mother, ? Bell
Boggstown Cemetery

Charles A. Lee Sr.
b. 6-1-1913
d. 9-24-1966
Wife, Geraldine
Father, Robert W. Lee
Mother, Norma E. Ackerly
Greenlawn Memorial Cemetery, Frankfort, Ind.

Daniel E. Lee
b. 8-20-1902, Ind.
d. 12-29-1976
Father, William Lee
Mother, Emma Spurlin
Miller Cemetery

Gilbert C. Lee
Age - 18 months
Father, William M. Lee, Ind.
Mother, ? Spurlin, Ind.

Debbie E. Lee
b. 8-14-1896, Ind.
d. 6-13-1969
Father, Alfred Perkins
Mother, Annette Swinford
Forest Hill Cemetery, Shelbyville, Ind.

Dillard E. Lee
b. 8-14-1889, Ind.
d. 11-22-1961
Wife, Ethel Smith
Father, Joseph N. Lee
Mother, Mary Elizabeth Drake
Boggstown Cemetery

Ella Lee
b. 7-6-1881, Ind.
d. 4-13-1967
Husband, Everett
Father, Andrew J. Hill
Mother, Katie
Flat Rock Cemetery

Ethel Grace Lee
b. 6-17-1886, Ind.
d. 2-3-1967
Father, Henry Campbell
Mother, Susan Bass
Miller Cemetery

Ethel Mae Lee
9-10-1974, Ind.
Father, Joseph H. Smith
Mother, Elma J. Owens
Boggstown Cemetery

Everett Lee
12-25-1967, Villa Park, ILL.
Age - 78
Patterson Cemetery

George Louis Lee
b. 10-10-1900
d. 5-30-1963
Wife, Verna
Father, Benjamin Lee (Have picture of Benj. & Della Lee)
Mother, Della Amos (Have picture of Della Amos' parents)
Forest Hill Cemetery, Shelbyville, Ind.

Grover Cleveland Lee
b. 9-19-1885
d. 10-20-1965
Father, Levi Lee
Mother, Lucy Hill
Miller Cemetery

Lissie or Lessie Lee
b. 9-20-1891, Ind.
d. 11-6-1922
Husband, Grover
Father, Daniel Bennett, Ind.
Mother, Emeline Collins, Ind.
Patterson Cemetery

Glenn Lee
b. 6-11-1925
d. 6-17-1925
Father, Henry G. Lee, Ind.
Mother, Pearl Langley, Ind.
City Cemetery

Sarah Lee
b, 9-24-1850, Ind.
d. 8-12-1926
Husband, David
Father, William Cochran, Ind.
Mother, Elizabeth Drake, Ind.

Arthur Lee
b. 6-14-1880, Shelby Co.
d. 12-22-1943
Father, Levi Lee
Mother, Lucy Ann Hill, OH.
Patterson Cemetery

David Henry Lee
b. 2-27-1872, Morgan County, Ind.
d. 6-30-1946
Wife, Sophia
Father, David Lee
Mother, Emily Keith, Ind.
Fairland Cemetery

David A. Lee, (My GG-Grandmother's Brother)
b. 6-23-1844, Ind.
d. 3-6-1928
Father, James N. Lee, KY. (My GGG-Grandparents)
Mother, Mary Ellen Hughbanks
Winchester Cemetery (Have Pictures)

Donna Lee
b. 11-16-1939, Morristown, Ind.
d. 11-18-1939
Father, Joe Lee, Ind.
Mother, Ruth Hargrove, Ind.
Asbury Cemetery

Earl Lee
b. 8-9-1897, Ind.
d. 9-26-1936
Wife, Irene
Father, William Lee, Ind.
Mother, Emma Burns, Ind.
Moravian Cemetery

Ella Lee
b. 5-14-1863, Ind.
d. 7-30-1935
Father, William H. Monroe, Ind.
Mother, Elizabeth Angeline, Ind.
Lewis Creek Baptist Cemetery, Shelbyville, Ind.

Emma Jane Lee
b. 7-18-1854, Ind.
d. 6-15-1939
Father, George W. Mulliner
Mother, Ellen Breedlove, Ind.
New Palestine, Cemetery

Frank Lee
Age 87
Parents, (not shown)
Tindall Cemetery

Infant Lee (Female)
Father, Raymond Lee, Ind.
Mother, Lora Toothman, Ind.
Miller Cemetery

Levi Lee
b. 10-13-1855, Ind.
d. 11-17-1938
Wife, Lucy
Father, Hiram Lee
Mother, Mary Bless
Patterson Cemetery

Mary E. Lee
b. 2-24-1867, Ind.
d. 8-15-1938
Husband, Joseph N. Lee
Father, Ephriam Drake, Ind.
Mother, Mary Drake, Ind.
Miller Cemetery

Loretta Alice Lee
b. 5-13-1852, Decatur County, Ind.
d. 8-29-1938
Husband, James Floyd Lee
Father, Joseph Kelso
Mother, Margaret Stone
VanPelt Cemetery

William Lee
b. 1-15-1870, Shelby County, Ind.
d. 1-15-1943
Father, Hiram Lee
Mother, (not shown)
Miller Cemetery

William E. Lee
b. 1-1-1856, Ind.
d. 11-14-1929
Wife, Ella
Father, William Lee, Ind.
Mother, ? Coulson, Ind.
Lewis Creek Baptist Cemetery, Shelbyville, IN.

William Martin Lee
b. 6-19-1867, Ind.
d. 3-16-1937
Father, William W. Lee, Ind. (GG-Grandmother's Brother)
Mother, Susan Amsden, New York
Lewis Creek Baptist Cemetery, Shelbyville, IN.

Harry G. Lee
b. 9-11-1883, Ind.
d. 1-3-1964
Wife, Nellie M.
Father, Thomas Lee
Mother, Mary Rebecca Dugan
Forest Hill Cemetery, Shelbyville, Ind.

Harry R. Lee (Have Picture)
b. 10-10-1893, Ind.
d. 5-15-1966
Wife, Debbie
Father, Benjamin Lee
Mother, Della Amos (Have Pictures)
Forest Hill Cemetery, Shelbyville, Ind.

Hazel L. Lee
b. 8-10-1892, Ind.
d. 12-2-1972
Father, Alfred C. Lee
Mother, Henrietta Cheatham
Forest Hill Cemetery

Minnie I. Lee
b. 11-10-1871, Ind.
d. 7-20-1961
Father, William Sampson
Mother, Sarah
Forest Hill Cemetery

Nellie Lee
b. 1-11-1883, Ind.
d. 12-18-1970
Father, Henry Fritz
Mother, Isabelle Self
Forest Hill Cemetery, Shelbyville, Ind.

Ola Lee
b. 9-30-1882, Ind.
d. 4-14-1961
Father, James A Carter
Mother, Eunice
Milltown Cemetery, Milltown, Ind.

Otto Aaron Lee
b. 10-23-1880, Ind.
b. 12-26-1955
Wife, Margaret
Father, James N. Lee
Mother, Mary M. Jackson
Forest Hill Cemetery, Shelbyville, Ind.

Russell J. Lee
b. 8-3-1892, Ind.
d. 12-13-1975
Father, John Lee
Mother, Mary Jane Cowin
Forest Hill Cemetery, Shelbyville, Ind.

Verna B. Lee
b. 2-6-1900, KY.
d. 11-8-1971
Father, Robert L. Jones
Mother, Laura B. Smith
Forest Hill Cemetery, Shelbyville, Ind.

Vivian E. Lee
b. 11-7-1928, Ind.
d. 5-23-1976
Husband, Robert L.
Father, Harry Logan
Mother, Halcie Reaman
Asbury Cemetery

William Joseph Lee
b. 5-2-1885, Shelby County, Ind.
d. 3-14-1962
Wife, Ruth
Father, William Joseph Lee
Mother, Caroline Drake
Asbury Cemetery

Sarah Lee
b. 6-23-1840, Shelby County, Ind.
d. 1-4-1911
Father, William Amos
Mother, Pallie A. Trees
Lewis Creek Baptist Cemetery, Shelbyville, Ind.

John Thomas Lee
b. 10-22-1852, Shelby, County
d. 10-14-??
Wife, Mary R.
Father, William Lee
Mother, Elizabeth Cherry, Ind. (could be related)
City Cemetery

Jessie Lee
b. 8-15-1890
d. 12-9-1918
Wife, Alta
Father, George Lee, Ind.
Mother, Angeline Jones
Mt. Pisgah Cemetery

Angeline Lee
b. 4-22-1856, Ind.
d. 12-16-1918
Husband, George
Father, William Jones
Mother, Lena Walton, KY.
Mt. Pisgah Cemetery

Richard Lee
b. 2-10-1923
d. 2-11-1923
Father, Ed. Lee, Blue Ridge
Mother, Jessie M. Martin, Shelbyville, Ind.
City Cemetery

Chester Lee
b. 5-21-1893, Ind.
d. 7-5-1927
Wife, Grace
Father, Arthur C Lee, Ind.
Mother, Maude or Maud Conway
Arlington Cemetery

Alfred C. Lee
b. 9-20-1866, Ind.
d. 12-2-1929
Wife, Annie
Father, William Lee, Ind. (GG-Grandmother's brother)
Mother, Sarah Amos, Ind.
Forest Hill Cemetery, Shelbyville, Ind.

Mary N. Lee
b. 6-30-1855, Ind.
d. 1-8-1932
Father, John Jackson, Ind.
Mother, Eli Rodeford
Lewis Creek Baptist Cemetery, Shelbyville, Ind.

Gladys Irene Lee
b. 3-27-1897, Ind.
d. 4-15-1930
Husband, William
Father, David Watts, KY.
Mother, Mary Alice Motley
Forest Hill Cemetery, Shelbyville, Ind.

George W. Lee
b. 12-14-1860, Ind.
d. 6-30-1932
Wife, Adeline
Parents (not shown)
Mt. Pisgah Cemetery

Mary Jane Lee
b. 1-18-1867, Ind.
d. 7-11-1932
Husband, John
Father, William Cowen
Mother, Rebecca Hawkins, Ind.
Patterson Cemetery

John Lee
b. 11-16-1865, Ind.
d. 5-15-1933
Father, Hiram Lee, Ind.
Mother, Mary Elizabeth Bennett, Ind.
Patterson Cemetery

Mary Rebecca Lee
b. 4-30-1860, Ind.
d. 4-18-1934
Father, William Dugan, Ind.
Mother, Jennie Hart, IL.
City Cemetery

Roy Chalmer Lee
b. 9-30-1895, Ind.
d. 3-26-1936
Wife, Opal
Father, Benjamin Lee, Ind.
Mother, Della Amos, Ind. (Have Pictures)
Fairland Cemetery

George Freeman Lee
b. 2-12-1875, Ind.
d. 12-22-1937
Father, William Lee (GG-Grandmother's Brother)
Mother, Susan Amsden
Lewis Creek Baptist Cemetery, Shelbyville, Ind.

Charles E. Lee
b. 3-31-1868, Shelby County
d. 6-25-1938
Father, Theodore Lee (GG-Grandmother's Borther)
Mother, Rachel Wood
Miller Cemetery

Gerald Eugene Lee
b. 11-26-1938
d. 12-18-1938
Father, Robert L. Lee
Mother, Pansy Cherry (Related to my Cherry Family and Lee Family)
Boggstown Cemetery

Adaline Lee
b. 5-28-1856, Ind.
d. 9-8-1939
Husband, George
Father, Peter H. Snapp, KY.
Mother, (not shown), KY.
Forest Hill Cemetery, Shelbyville, Ind.

Harry Lee
Age - 56yrs., 0 Months, 14 days, Shelby County
Wife, Nora
Father, John Lee
Mother, Matilda Shadley, Ind.
Lewis Creek Baptist Cemetery, Shelbyville, Ind.


My GGG-Grandparents:  James Nathan Lee  and  Mary Ellen Hughbanks
My GG-Grandparents:  William Cherry Sr.  and  Amanda Lee
My G-Grandparents: William Wilford Cherry  and  Susannah Peterman Lotshaw Cherry
Step-G-Grandmother:  Martha A. French
My Grandparents: William Fred Cherry  and  Jessie Louise (Cobb) Cherry

Nancy  Glover
633 Willow Drive
Danville, IN. 46122

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