Shelby  County  Indiana
Family  Records

Davis,  William  H.

At some point after  William H. Davis'  death,  Rachel Thralls Davis  moved her young family to Tipton County.  [I could not find any guardianship records in Shelby County for William Davis' young children. - PMF]  My great-grandfather, Richard, moved from Tipton County to Etna Green then to between Silver Lake and Claypool.  Richard and  Mary Jane  are buried in the Claypool cemetery.  While in the Silver Lake area they had a dairy farm and my Grandfather worked the farm and drove a milk route.  I have pictures of the house at Etna Green and a copy of Richard's obituary and a picture of my grandfather with his milk truck that I can send to you tonight. I donít know why they moved up there. My grandmother already lived in Claypool when they met; her maiden name is Irene Shively, my grandfather is  Roy Max Davis.  He had three sisters:  Helen,  Irene  and  Edith.
E. J. Patrick

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