Susan Jane Dyas

1828 Feb 11 - Marriage between Little, William O. & Taite, Matilda; Shelbyville, Shelby Co. Indiana

1830 - Birth- Susan Jane Dyas, Dearborn Co. Indiana (See Federal census Indiana under Thomas G. Dyas)

1830/36 - Susan's mother, Jane, died sometime between the time of Susan's birth and 1836, this is why I would like to locate Susan's birthdate. the markings on WilliamColescott's tombstone indicate 1837 as the birth date of Susan, this would seem to be inconsistent with other dates shown below.  Does the information on William's tombstone just reference Susan, or is she buried there?  Is it possible the "1837" could be "1832"?

1840 - Federal Census - Shelbyville Twp, Shelby County, Indiana

In the household of William Little
1 - Male 20 - 30 years old (William Little)
1 - Male 10 - 15 years old (James L. Dyas)
1 - Female 20 - 30 years old (Malilda Little)
1 - Female 10 - 15 years old (Susan Jane Dyas)

1844 - guardianship - Susan and James Dyas have William and Matilda Little of Shelbyville IN appointed as their guardian.  The date of the document was 15 November 1844, Shelbyville IN.

Guardianship of Susan and James Dyas

          Now comes into open court the said William Little and the said Susan and James Dyas minors over the age of fourteen years in their own proper persons come also.  And ask the court to be permitted to choose the said William Little as their Guardian, to which the court freely appoints, and the premises being seen and fully understood, the court here now grants letters of guardianship of the persons and estates of the said Susan and James Dyas minor heirs of  Jean Dyas deceased during their minority. and now the said William Little files bond in the sum of Five Hundred dollars with Jacob Vernon as his security, and takes the oath as required by the law as such guardian, and this cause is continued.
[Through other documents, I know the name of Susan's and James' mother to be Jane not Jean as stated in the document above. - CD]

1848 Sep 14 - Marriage Between William H. Colescott and Susan Jane Dyas.  Performed by James Crawford. Shelbyville, Shelby County Indiana.  [Ref. Marriage certificate.  The marriage certificate was enclosed in the pension files on Col. William H. Colescott.]

1850 - Federal Census - Shelbyville Twp, Shelby County, Indiana - Date census was taken - 26th day of October 1850

(Last name was spelled Coalscot)
Wm.. Colescott age 22 Indiana
Susan Colescott age 21 Kentucky

Federal Census 1850 -Shelbyville, Shelby Co., Indiana

William Little - 54 b. Ireland
Matilda Little - 50 b. Ireland
James Dyas - 24 b. Kentucky Married
Susan D - 20 b. Del. Married
Catherine Morris -13 IN b. abt 1837

1854 - Carrie D. Colescott was born in Shelbyville, Shelby Co, IN [see Federal Census 1860]

1859/60 - William Colescott was born Shelbyville, Shelby Co, IN [see Federal Census 1860]

1860 - Federal Census Shelbyville Twp, Shelby Co, IN - Date of census -16th day of June 1860
Wm. H. Colescott age 31 Indiana
Susan Colescott age 30 Indiana
Carrie Colescott age 6 Indiana
William Colescott age 6/12 Indiana

1861 Dec 07 - William H. Colescott enlisted 51st Indiana Inf.. Lt.. Col.

1862 - Robert Colescott was born Shelbyville, Shelby Co, IN (see Federal census 1870)

1863 Feb 26 - William H. Colescott resigned from 51st Indiana Inf.. Lt.. Col. (Health related reasons)

1870 - Federal census - Shelbyville, Shelby Co, IN - Date of census, 28th June 1870
William Colescott age 43 Indiana
Susan Colescott age 40 Indiana
Robert Colescott age 8 Indiana

1880 - Shelbyville, Shelby Co, IN Federal Census - Date census taken - ?
William Colescott age 51
Susan Colescott age 49
Carrie Colescott age 23
Robert Colescott age 18
This above census information was from notes.

1880 Sep 24 - Deaths from Shelbyville Newspapers - (Holmes)
Colescott, Col. William
Residence - Shelbyville
Died - Friday
Paper - Democrat of Sept. 30, 1880
Misc.. - Resident of Shelbyville 51 years

City Cemetery Shelbyville
Colescott, Col. William H. 51st Ind.. inf.. vol.., d. 24- Sept.
1880 (on same tombstone with William Colescott) age 52 years Colescott, Susan J., Wife 1837 - 1905

Joseph Sims 1854 - 1904

1884 Oct 19 - Carrie D. Colescott married Joseph M. Sims - Shelby Co, IN.

1886 December 06 - Susan J. Colescott signed a quit claim deed, selling the Bates Co MO property of Thomas G. Dyas, dec'd.  In this document it listed her residence as Cook Co. IL.

The pension files also have a letter from Susan Colescott.  The letter states her address is Danville, IN. Another document lists her address as Coatsville, Hendricks Co, IN.

1900 Federal Census Center township, Danville Town, Hendricks Co, IN.
Colescott, Susan:  only person listed in the household, Date of birth:  Dec 1833, age listed:  66, place of birth:  Kentucky

Eight children were born to William and Susan, two of whom were living at the time the 1900 census was taken.

1905 Jan 27- Susan Jane Dyas Colescott, deceased. (Ref. Pension Files)
No address listed.  The pension files show she died in 1905, no place of death listed.

Submitted by  Craig Dyas, 1703 Monte Grosso Dr, Merced CA. 95340

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