Shelby County Indiana Marriages
James L. Gatewood & *Polly Heafner [Heifner]
September 11, 1828
[*Polly is a nickname for Mary-BH]


1830 Census Shelby County, Marion Township

James  Gatewood
Males Females
0-5 1
20-30  1 1


Probate Order Book A
1822-1836 page 319
Polly Gatewood  appointed administratrix of the Estate of  James L. Gatewood, deceased. 
February 10, 1835


Shelby County, Indiana,  Marriages
Mary Ann Heifner [Gatewood] & *Samuel Halstead
May 4, 1837
Mary Halstead & *Ira Halstead
January 23, 1840

*Ira & Samuel Halstead were brothers, and both had been previously married


Complete Record Probate Book C
1839 - 1845 page 229
Final settlement made by Polly Halstead, administratrix of the Estate of  James L. Gatewood, deceased. Polly was the late widow of  James L. Gatewood and is now the wife of  Ira Halstead.  November 1841

Order Book B
1836 - 1842 page 415
Ira Halstead and Polly Halstead make final settlement as administrators of the Estate of James L. Gatewood, deceased. February 14, 1842

1840 Census Marion Township page 620

Ira Hulsted
Males Females


5-10 1 2
30-40  1 1


1850 Census Marion Township
page 388B line 25
September 13, 1850

78/80   HALSTEAD   Ira   43   NY  farmer & blacksmith
Mary 49 KY
Roena 19 IN
Oscar 16 IN
Mary Jane   13 IN
John B. 19 IN
Sarah 17 IN


1860 Census Marion Township
Post office:  Noah
page 726 line 28
711/713 Halstead Ira 53   NY   Blacksmith
Mary 59 KY
Gatewood   Oscar   25 IN


Moved  or  Deceased  Taxpayers
Shelby County, Indiana

Ira Halstead of Marion Township in 1863 is Dead


Haven't been able to find Mary Halstead in 1870 census.  BH
There were HEIFNER and FISHER families living in Marion Twp in 1870.


1880 Census Marion Township
pages 189B & 190C
June 4 & 5, 1880
54/54   *Fisher   Mary J.   43   Widow   IN   OH   KY
Roena 19 dau IN IN IN
Mary A. 17 dau IN IN IN
John W. 15 son IN IN IN
Viera E. 11 dau IN IN IN
? Maza N.   9 dau IN IN IN
Allen 5 son IN IN IN
Geo. F. 2/12 son IN IN IN
Halstead   Mary 77 widow KY PA MD

Shelby County, Indiana Marriages
*Mary J. Halstead & Fredrick Fisher
December 16, 1855 Page 60

Compiled by Barb Huff

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Tribute  to  Robert  Heifner

Great-great  Grandson  of  Conrad  Heifner

                 Due to the illness of our daughter, Sheri Keller, who lived in Topeka I moved here [Topeka] during the spring of 1995 from Michigan .  We bought a house and an extra lot for a garden.  One of the first Garden centers I found was the Heifner Nursery.  It was not until the second visit to the Nursery that my curiosity got the best of me while filling out my check, and said to the clerk, “My grandmother was a Heifner from Missouri .”  And the clerk quickly answered, “Bob is from Missouri .”  The clerk called Justine at the office and she came down to meet me and the rest is history.  Bob and I were indeed related.  His grandfather, John Heifner, the oldest son of Bartholomew Heifner and my great, great grandfather, George Washington Heifner, the younger son, were brothers.  They are both buried near each other at the Darksville Baptist cemetery near Huntsville, Mo.   Bob and I grew up near each other, he in Thomas Hill, Mo and me near Kaseyville , Mo.   Ten miles or so!
            This is a rural area between Macon and Randolph County , in Missouri .  The largest cities near us were Moberly and Macon and all between were just small villages where people could get a few groceries and attend church.  The villages were made up of people that had mostly lived there for over one hundred years when Bob and I grew up.  Many of us were related to each other; often not knowing it until we did genealogy research.  Both our families had been farmers.
            For the past ten years, I have had the pleasure of getting to know Bob and Justine.  We have filled in the family history.  We have become garden buddies, and myself, one of his best customers.  I will miss him so much when I go shopping at his Nursery.  And every time I work or take a walk thru my garden, I will think of Bob.  My garden has Heifner Nursery written all over it; from the new Spireas I just planted this spring to the Locust tree at my back door that he selected in Kansas City and Leland delivered to me.  I have been so amazed at his family-oriented staff and how long many of them have been with him.  Not only did Bob, Justine and Leland feel like family, so do his staff!!  And I think that was the way Bob and Justine wanted it.
            One summer after I had filled my garden with Heifner plants, Bob entered my garden in the Landscape contest with the Topeka Beautification Association.  Much to my surprise I won second place and had the pleasure of attending the Beautification dinner later with Bob and Justine.  I know his family ancestors well enough to know that they would be very proud of the contribution that Bob Heifner made to the garden lovers in the Topeka community.  Love of church, community, friends and the good earth was the family motto.
            I am so grateful for the experience I have had of getting to know my cousin, Bob Heifner.  He represented everything I knew about my Heifner family.  Like them, he was quietly dedicated, determined, frugal, and very hard working.   I loved him.  I will miss him greatly and I am better for knowing him.  Not only did we share the love of family, we also shared the love of gardening.  [Obituary]
Jane Wisdom, Topeka, Kansas        

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