Melvin Thea Hicks  b. 5-13-1935 d. 1-15-1988 in Rush Co., Indiana.  Buried 1-20-1988 in Shelbyville, Indiana, at Forest Hill Cemetery.

Melvin Thea Hicks m. Carolyn Sue White  on 9-30-1960

Rebecca Jane Hicks b. 7-17-1961, Shelbyville
Phoebe Sue Hicks b. 2-21-1963
      Robert Earl Wickliff b. 3-20-1980
      Dawn Denise Wickliff b. 6-2-1983
Frank Eugene Hicks b. 2-2-1965
Timothy Wayne Hicks b. 5-14-1967
Jeannette Ann Hicks b. 7-23-1969
Thomas Ray Hicks b. 6-16-1971
Brad Allen Hicks b. 3-20-1973
Janet Louise Hicks b. 2-21-1975
All of the above were born in Shelbyville

Robert L. Hicks b. 5-10-1902, d. 11-23-1961 in Shelbyville, Indiana.  Buried in Forest Hill Cemetery.  Father of Melvin, above.
Polly Butter b. 2-16-1909 in Ohio, d. 3-26-1961 Shelbyville, Indiana.  Buried in Forest hill cemetery.  Mother of Melvin, above.
Robert Francais Hicks b. 5-6-1953, Shelbyville, Indiana.  Son of  Marvin Hicks.
Michele Lynn Hicks b.6-13-1979
Robert Brandon Hicks b. 7-25-1982
Carol Ruth Hicks b. 7-26-1957 d. 2-7-1959 in Shelbyville.  Buried in Forest Hill
Dennis Dwaine Hicks b. 2-18-1964 in Shelbyville, Indiana.

Cleo Rebecca Hicks b. 4-20-1934, d. 3-21-1976 in Shelbyville, Indiana.  Buried at Forest Hill.  Married James S. Perry on 12-24-1951.  Daughter of Robert L and Polly Hicks.

Submitted by Tonya Hicks

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