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Nellie "Myrtle" Lewis, wife of Paris D. Lewis, died on January 22, 1949 in Shelbyville, Indiana (Shelby County)
The three daughters of Paris D. Lewis and Nellie Myrtle Lewis were:
Mary Edith Lewis
Born on December 30, 1896
Died on March 6, 1902
Frankie Hazel Lewis (married name Fagel):
Born on February 25, 1899 in Shelby County.
Died in August, 1972
She had a son: Kenneth Lowell Fagel
Born on June 25, 1927
Died on October 22, 1994
Huldah May Lewis (married Andrew Jackson Westerfield III on January 12, 1924):
Born on July 22, 1901 in Shelby County.
Died in 1978 in Huntingburg, Indiana (Jasper County)
Andrew Jackson Westerfield III
Born: October, 1850 (Rush County)
Died: December 1, 1946 (Shelby County)
The four children of Andrew J. Westerfield III  and Huldah May Westerfield were:
George L. Westerfield (deceased)
Born on March 24, 1928 in Shelby County.
Charles Wilbur Westerfield (he married Ruth M. Workman from southern Indiana):
Born on January 15, 1925 in Shelby County (St. Paul, Indiana)
Died in New Mexico on October 29, 1957 (Buried in Sante Fe National Cemetery in New Mexico)
Charles Wilbur Westerfield and Ruth M. Westerfield (Workman) had one daughter:
Victoria Marie Westerfield (born in Martin County, Indiana on March 12, 1944).
Robert Edward Westerfield
Born on July 28, 1935 in Shelbyville, Indiana
Died in El Paso, Texas on August 19, 2004 (Buried in Fort Logan National Cemetery in Colorado).  He spent most of his life living in Golden, Colorado.
Married to Dorothy Myers of Denver, Colorado.
Loretta "Frances" Westerfield (married John Lester Stanford from LaFollette, Tennessee):
Born on August 10, 1930 in Shelbyville, Indiana
Currently living in East Chicago, Indiana
The five children of  John Lester Stanford and Loretta "Frances" Stanford were:
Roger William Stanford (adopted)
born on July 23, 1954 in San Antonio, Texas
Harold Phillip Stanford (adopted) his name was changed to Harold Anthony Sancya
Born on July 24, 1955 in LaFollette, Tennessee
Deceased - buried in Lake County, Indiana
Roberta Marlene Stanford (adopted)
Born on December 11, 1957 in Gary, Indiana
Gary Wayne Stanford (resides in Merced, California)
Born in 1961 in Gary Indiana
Nancy Ruth Stanford and she resides in Hobart, Indiana)
Born in 1962 in Gary, Indiana

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