Book Publisher
NY Best Seller List
When Knighthood Was in Flower 1898 Grossett and Dunlop   Edwin Caskoden 1901 Sword and the Rose 1953, Knighthood in flower 1922  
The Fisherman Who Caught a Bear 1900   Everybody's magazine - Dec        
The Wolf Hunt 1901   Everybody's magazine - Apr        
On the Stroke of Nine 1901   Everybody's magazine -June        
A Castle on the Brandywine 1901   Everybody's magazine - Sept        
Bears of Blue River 1901 Doubleday & McClure          
Dorthy Vernon of Haddon Hall 1902       1902    
A Forest Hearth 1903 MacMillan          
Yolanda 1905 MacMillan          
Uncle Tom Andy Bill 1908 MacMillan          
The Gentle Knight of Brandenburg 1909 ?          
How Christmas Came to the Little King 1909   Ladies Home Journal Dec        
The Little King 1910 MacMillan          
Touchstones of Fortune 1912 ?          
The Devil's Tombstone 1913   Womens' World - May        
Rosalie 1925 ?         Published posthumously

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