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The  Shelbyville  News
March 4, 1959
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          Members of the board of county commissioners reportedly have under consideration several possibilities for use of the old Gordon Children's Home building here, which was closed last year.
          There have been reports that the commissioners have been "approached" with offers to acquire the large brick structure for conversion in to a private nursing home and also for a dining establishment.  A member of the board told The News today, however, that he was aware only of offers for use of the building as a nursing home.
          Shortly after the closing of the home last year, there was some discussion of the possibility of using the building as a county-operated nursing home to include non-ambulatory residents of the Shelby County Home.  One official however, siad this suggestion was "more or less abandoned" because of the costs involved.
          One county official also pointed out that the legal status of the building's ownership will have to be determined before the board of commissioners can take any action relating to its future use.  There appears to be some doubt as to whether under terms of the arrangement whereby the property became a county children's home, the commissioners can sell it.  There is a possibility, officials said, that the property might revert to the heirs of the original owner in the event its use is changed from that of a children's home.  It was also said that such a provision may apply only to that part of the property located east of the building itself.
          The commissioners said they have requested a check on the legal status of the property in this connection, from the county attorney.
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The  Shelbyville  Daily  Democrat
Saturday, March 2, 1907
          The lady managers of the Gordon children's home will meet with Mrs. K. M. Hord, Monday afternoon at 2 o'clock.
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The  Tuesday  Republican
February 10, 1903
Annual Report of the Gordon's Home for the Year 1902.
          Twelve years ago, the cornerstone was laid for the building of the Gordon Children's Home.  Eleven years have our doors been open to all Shelby county children who needed a home.  We have tried to throw around each child in the home*, or those put out into other homes, as such influences as would be for their good.
          We have one fault to find with the Shelby county people as also the citizens of Shelbyville in that they do not visit the home or take as deep an interest in the work as they should.  Every Thursday is visiting day, and unless the children are quarantined against some contagion that we are careful to shield them from, we are glad to show you our home from garret to cellar.  They are well fed, kept clean and are happy and cheerful.  The lady board of managers would be glad to have you come and see for yourselves whether they are doing their duty toward those who are entrusted to their care.  Not long since a lady was visiting from this city in another part of the State and she was asked how the Orphans Home was getting along in her city and she answered that she knew we had one but was sincerely sorry to state that she had never been in it and could furnish no information in regard to its progress.  Is this not an injustice to Shelby county's Orphan's Home?  Many of you who will read this report are ladies who are deeply interest in Home and Foreign Missionary societies which is perfectly right, but is this not a mission right at your door and don't you think you should at least visit and gain some information concerning its work?  We do not ask you for your money, we only ask you for a kind word of approbation, if deserved; if not, we would be thankful for any kind criticism which might be offered.  There is not one of us who is tired of the work, rather we are more interested and fascinated than ever before for we feel that we have had a small part in lifting children from bad environments to a better life.
          The health of the institution during the past year has been good, with three exceptions.  One of our children had inflammatory rheumatism, one lung fever and one case of typhoid.
          We desire to thank all those who assisted us in donating presents for our Christmas tree.  Our children lok forward from one year to the next and think of te happy times they will have when Old Santa comes again.
          Number of of children received in our home during the year, girls 1, boys 5.
          Number placed in homes 20, girls 8, boys 12.
          Number sent to Ft. Wayne institute for feeble minded 4.
          Removed by death 0.
          Number remaining in the home 34, girls 7, boys 27.
          Monthly meetings held 12, call meetings 9.
          We feel glad to state that we have the foundation laid for a hospital where we can properly care for the sick from the institution.  As soon as the weather permits it will be hurried to completion.
          Respectfully submitted this eleventh ....
Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming
*I checked the copy and this is how it is printed.  I am not sure what it means. - PMF

The  Daily  Democrat
Tuesday, January 5, 1892
Opening  of  the  Home.
          The Gordon Home will be opened Thursday, Jan. 7, and it is to be hoped that every one that can will come sometime through the day or evening.  Hacks will run to accommodate those who wish to ride.  On the next day (Friday) in the afternoon, as also Saturday afternoon, and every afternoon the following week, the President will receive applications for children, but the children will not be received in the Home until Monday, Jan. 11th.  All the applications will be received at the office of the township trustee on West Washington st., one door west of Mr. Charles Major's office.  Personas having children to place in the Home are requested to come as soon as possible.  Don't foret the donations for Jan. 7, at the Home from 9 a.m. until 9 p.m.
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The  Shelbyville  Daily  Democrat
December 24, 1891
Page 4   Column 2
          Work on the Orphans' Home has been completed and the commissioners on yesterday settled for the same with the contractors,  Messrs. George Osborne  and  Squire Markland. These gentlemen did their work faithfully and well.
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The  Daily  Evening  Democrat
October 15, 1885
Page 4   col 2
          The grand jury returned four indictments yesterday and adjourned.  In their report to  Judge Hord  they say they have been in session eight days and have examined two hundred and sixteen witnesses.  Twelve indictments for felonies have been returned and eleven indictments for misdemeanors.  They report the poor house in good condition but say the jail needs cleaning very badly.
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