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Colored Inhabitants Listed

Allen Frank egg packer J. B. Randall & Co. h 45 E. Locust
Austin Randall hod carrier h 44 E. Locust  
Banks Wm. laundryman with R. D. Harshman  
Bell Charles laborer h 174 S. Pike  
Bell Maggie domestic lives 174 S. Pike  
Bell Pearl domestic Morrison House*  
Bosen Georgia lives 70 W. Locust    
Bosen John hod carrier h 70 W. Locust  
Bosen Sadie lives 70 W. Locust    
Carter Tellus with G. A. Goodrich bods 153 S. Pike  
Case John hod carrier bods 143 S. Pike  
Case James H. laborer h 76 Colsescott
Coleman Barker wks J. B. Randall & Co. lives 143 S. Pike  
Coleman Geo. Sr. wks W. C. McClanin & Co lives 143 S. Pike  
Coleman Geo. Jr. fac. hand Spiegel's h 143 S. Pike
Colored Odd Fellow Lodge 3rd story Levinson Blk.    
Curtis Edward hostler bds 199 Elm  
Curtis Minn domestic wks 34 E. Broadway  
Dennis Oragne fac hand h 43 E. Locust  
Dudley John hod carrier no permanent place of residence  
Edwards Marcella domestic wks 39 W. Franklin  
Estes Allen laborer with Sindlinger h 211 S. Pike  
Estes Elizabeth domestic 50 E. Washington  
Estes Hattie widow lives 117 E. Walker  
Estes Madison laborer . h 117 E. Walker    
Georgia Charles E. wks J. G. Deprez bod 157 S. Pike  
Gerogia Gertrude domestic lives 157 S. Pike  
Gerogia James laborer h 157 S. Pike  
Georgia Mamie domestic lives 157 S. Pike  
Good Florence domestic wks 62 N. Pike  
Good Warren hod carrier h 156 S. Pike  
Good Washington white washer and paper hanger h 237 E. Jackson  
Gray Lee W. minister Second Baptist Church h 216 E. Mechanic  
Gray Mary wid lives 216 E. Mechanic  
Green Henry laborer h 221 E. Broadway  
Griggsby Charles fac hand Spiegel's h 178 S. Pike
Griggsby Emma domestic wks 52 N. Harrison  
Hargrove Jenetta teacher 149 S. Pike  
Hargrove J. H. minister Second M. E. Church h 149 S. Pike  
Hill David white washer and paper hanger h 120 E. Hendricks  
Hill Joseph white washer and paper hanger h 244 E. Broadway  
Hill Maria wid of Johsua Hill lives 120 E. Hendricks  
Hopper James Sr. laborer h 269 E. Jackson
Hopper James Jr. laborer lives 269 E. Jackson  
Jackson Ely saw mill hand with D'H. & Son h between 201 and 211 S. Pike  
Jackson Lyhdia domestic wks 32 E. Mechanic  
Lemon Alex fac hand with Blan Fur Fac. h 21 W. Locust
Maddox John hod carrier bds 143 S. Pike  
Mathews Haden laborer wks at Johes & Vannoy's brick yard lives on J. M. & I. Ry. between Locust and South
Mathews Henry. E. laborer wks at Schoelch's brick yard lives on J. M. & I. Ry between Locust and South  
Mathews Jas. T. laborer wks Schoelch's brick yard lives on J. M. & I. Ry between Locust and South  
Mathews Maria wid h on J. M. & I. between Locust and South  
Miles Susan ironer h 19 E. Locust  
Montgomery George hse cleaner and janitor at Presbyterian Church h 199 Elm  
Morgan Rufus off-bearer D'H. & Son h 19 E. Locust
Morris Elsie washer woman h 201 S. Pike  
Pewick Mary domestic wks 69 E. Washington  
Reed Frank hostler h 222 E. Mechanic  
Reed George porter Ray House lives 222 E. Mechanic
Reed James E. porter and checking clerk Bates House Indianapolis lives 222 E. Mechanic
Reed Smith Teamster h 186 E. Penn.  
Reed Willie lives 186 E. Penn.    
Roberts Frank laborer h 74 W. Locust  
Robertson Joseph chicken picker McL. & Co. h 153 S. Pike
Robertson Samuel McLane & Co. h 155 S. Pike  
Russel A. B. plasterer h 53 E. Locust  
Sanders Wm. laborer bds 74 W. Locust  
Scott Allen laborer lives 186 E. Penn.  
Sebastian Luella domestic wks 96 W. Broadway  
Second Baptist Church W. Hendricks 1 door beyond alley    
Second Methodist Episcopal Church 172 S. PIke      
Smith Annie domestic wks on W. Washington  
Smith Serena wid lives 74 W. Locust  
Smith William domestic wks 100 W. Washington  
Wadkins Julia washer woman h 174 S. Pike  
Watts Julia domestic wks James house  
Wesley Lizzie domestic wks 17 W. Mechanic  

* Note from RTG:  I have photo of the place and it was used as a boarding house and torn down I think in 1923 very old then.

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Shelbyville City Directory and County Gazeteer
Morristown, Indiana

Abernathy A. A. physician  
Bennett Moses teacher  
Bodine W. A. groceries, buggies, etc.  
Bowers Lewis grocer  
Bowers P. S. dentist and notary public branch office - Wed, Fountaintown; alt Fri Manilla
Bragamen J. M. saloon keeper  
Burt M. C. prop'r elevator  
Carter James physician  
Cregor F. W. barber  
Cremens Wm. barber  
Davis John M. notary public watch repairer
Deibert S. W. photographer  
Denlinger J. V. tinner and dealer in stoves  
Foust S. B. blacksmith  
Fox John teacher  
Furney W. C. physician  
Handy & Cremeens drugs wall-paper books
Hudgins R. H. Jr telegrapher and station agent  
Hudgins R. H. manager "Blue River Park"  
Huffman & Graham grocers and general mdse.    
Hull M. J. milliner  
Hull Nannie teacher  
Johnson Frank E. editor and propr. Morristown Sun  
Johnson S. C. teacher  
Jordan E. T. State natural gas inspector  
Jordan G. B. teacher  
Kaufman Isaac dry goods and notions  
Kinsley Bros. meat market    
Loggan Bertha teacher  
McCray & Hess physicians and surgeons    
Morrison C. W. & Son undertaking and furniture  
Morrison W. E. barber  
Morristown Commercial Bank L. E. McDonald cashier; does general banking business prompt attention to collections  
Morristown Creamery mnfrs butter and cheese    
Morristown School Board Robt. Hudgins, pres. Amos Coffins, sec. L. E. McDonald, treas.
Morristown Sun F. E. Johnson editor and propr. weekly published every Fri.  
Myers Myer dealer in dry goods notions & etc
Nichols & Billman meat market    
Patten H. B. teacher  
Phillipy Will traveling salesman  
Place & Company dry goods boots and shoes  
Roberts J. W. stoves and tinware  
Rogers H. M. postmaster  
Ross A. J. attorney at law and notary  
Sleeth Belle teacher  
Smiley Wilbur C. boot and shoe maker  
Shackle J. J. boots and shoes  
Smith & Boren blacksmith and wagon repairs    
Smith & Cole livery feed and sale stable  
Snyder Henry wagon maker  
Spurrier J. A. harness carriage trimming and repairing
Spurrier J. G. justice of the peace  
Towns William restaurant  
Whiteside Frances teacher  
Williams C. T. groceries; hardware; ag'l imps  
Williams C. T. & Company general stock buyers  
Wolf J. G. physician  
Wrenick Gertrude teacher  
Wrenick Thomas C. dealer in drugs hardware and agricultural implements

Contributed by Bob Gordon

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