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A  Shelbyville  Newspaper
Tuesday, April 25, 1911
Page 1
No New Developments in Superior
Court Muddle -- Conference Held in
Indianapolis This Morning -- Attorneys
In Streight Will Case Began Their
Jury Arguments.
          Nothing new resulted from the conference held in Indianapolis at ten o'clock this morning by a committee from the Shelby County Bar Association and Attorneys  Roger Sullivan  and  Frank Gavin,  representing  Judge Pliny W. Bartholomew.  The purpose of the conference was to discuss the refusal of Judge Bartholomew to come to Shelbyville to open the new Marion-Shelby superior court.  The committee from the bar association was composed of  Attorneys K. M. Hord,  Elmer Bassett  and  D. L. Wilson.
          A friendly suit will be filed before  Judge Remster  in the Marion circuit court in the next few days to compel Judge Bartholomew to come to this city.  The case will be carried to the supreme court in order that the constitutionality of the act creating the new court may be ascertained.
          Argument of counsel in the  Streight  will case began before the jury in the circuit court this morning.  The court room was crowded with spectators, who wanted to see the closing chapters enacted in the case.  Among the persons in the court room today were several members of the Spiritualist faith living in Indianapolis.  Readers of the Democrat will recall the fact that spiritualism played an important part in the evidence that was introduced by both sides during the trail of the case.
          The first address to the jury was made by  Attorney Thoms Campbell  for the plaintiffs.  He dwelt at length on the character of the evidence introduced by both sides, especially that part which referred to the soundness of mind of  Mrs.  [my copy ends here].
Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

1822 - 1829    Hiram Aldredge    1883 - 1886    A. J.Gorgas
1829 - 1843    S. B. Morris 1886 - 1887    Charles J. Fastlaben
1843 - 1855    Jacob Vernon 1887 - 1890    Thos. S. Jones
1855 - 1859    Alexander Miller 1890 - 1894    John R. Sedgwick
1859 - 1867    Alonzo Blair 1894 - 1898    John W. Powers
1867 - 1871    Jacob G. Wolf 1898 - 1902    Frank Glessner
1871 - 1875    John Elliot 1902 - 1906    Michael O. Sullivan
1875 - 1879    B. S. Sutton 1906                Jacob H. Deitzer
1879 - 1883    Fred H. Chenden
Chadwick's History of Shelby County, Indiana, by Edward H. Chadwick, B.A., assisted by well known local talent, B.F. Bowen & Co, Publishers: Indianapolis, IN, 1909.
Contributed by Melinda Weaver

The  Muncie  Morning  Star
December 31, 1904
(by Star Special Service)
Shelbyville- John S. Duncan, of Indianapolis, addressed the members of the Shelby County Bar association at their annual banquet at the Hotel Ray, Thursday night.
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The  Muncie  Morning  Star
December 30, 1904
(by Star Special Service)
Shelbyville- The Shelby County Bar association has elected  David L. Wilson, president;  Everett E. Stroup, vice-president;  John A. Tindall, secretary;  William H. Isley, treasurer.  Hon. William M. Sparks, of Rushville, was elected honorary member.
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The  Muncie  Morning  Star
December 29, 1904
(by Star Special Service)
Shelbyville- The annual banquet of the Shelby County Bar Association will be held Thursday evening, at the Hotel Ray.  John S. Duncan, of Indianapolis, will deliver an address, his theme being, "The Lawyer."
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               ----- The following Roll of Attorneys comprises most of those who were admitted to the Shelby Bar prior to 1852, as well as many of those since that time.  From that time to the present the records are so voluminous, and not being properly indexed, that it was next to impossibility to obtain them all.  These are given as a matter of some interest and for reference:
Hiram M. Curry, October, 1822.   Alfred Major, Aug, 1850.
Charles H. Test, Oct, 1822.   Thomas D. Walpole
Calvin Fletcher, October, 1822.   Thomas A. McFarland, Aug, 1850.
James Dulany, October, 1822. Squire W. Robinson, Feb, 1851
John A. Brackenridge, Oct, 1822.   David S. Gooding, Feb, 1851.
James Raridan, October, 1823.   Joseph F. Roberts, Feb, 1851.
Oliver H. Smith, October, 1823.   Hiram B. Brown, Aug, 1851.
Philip Swetzer, October, 1823.   William Singleton, Aug, 1851.
James T. Brown, October, 1823.   Samuel P. Oyler, Aug, 1851.
Able Cole, October, 1822.   Simeon Stansifer, Feb, 1852.
Daniel B. Wick, October, 1823.   Beaty C. Stewart, Feb, 1852.
Bethuel F. Morris, Oct, 1823.   Cyrus Wright, Apr, 1853.
Edgar C. Wilson, October, 1823.   Isaac N. Johnson, Apr, 1853.
Gabriel Johnson, Marsh, 1824.   William H. Bainbridge, Apr, 1853.
Harvey Gregg, March, 1824. John W. Robinson, Oct, 1853.
Hiram Brown, March, 1824. Josiah W. Robinson, Oct, 1853.
William W. Wick, March, 1825.    Lewis H. Thomas, Oct, 1863.
Joseph Vanmatre, March, 1825.    James C. Hart, Oct, 1854.
James Braman, March, 1825.  Stephen D. Lyon, Apr, 1855.
Ovid Butler, September, 1825.    Johnson A. Kendall, Apr, 1855.
Andrew Davidson, Sep, 1825. Samuel W. Workman, Apr, 1855.
Henry Hurst, September, 1825.    Perry M. Green, Oct, 1859.
James Forsee, March, 1826.  Livingston Howland, Oct, 1859.
Albert S. White, March, 1826.    Benjamin F. Slocumb, Apr, 1860.
William Quarles, March, 1827.    John A. Beale, Apr, 1860.
George W. Wallace, March, 1828.   Isaac N. Odell, Apr, 1861.
Marinus Willitt, March, 1828.    Benjamin F. Love, Oct, 1861.
James T. Brown, September, 1828.   William H. Payne, Oct, 1861.
Matthias C. Vanpelt, Sep, 1828.   Levi Runshee, Oct, 1861.
George Lyon, September, 1828.    J.H. Brenton, prior to Oct, 1861.
John W. Alley, March, 1830. George A. Johnson, Apr, 1866.
Isaac M. Johnson, March, 1830.   Charles W. Snow, Oct, 1866.
William I. Brown, Sep, 1830.Harvey H. Daugherty, Oct, 1866.
Hugh B. Eggleston, Sep, 1830.    Robert B.F. Pearce, Oct, 1866.
William O. Ross, Sep, 1831. Kendall Hord, prior to Oct, 1866.
John Eccles, March, 1832.   John R. Mitchell, Apr, 1867.
James B. Ray, March, 1832.  Fletcher Meredith, Apr, 1867.
Humphrey F. Robinson, Sep, 1832.   James L. Mason, Apr, 1867.
Stephen Major, September, 1832.   James B. McFadden, prior to Apr, 1867.
William Brown, March, 1833. Richard Norris, Apr, 1867.
William J. Peaslee, March, 1833.   George W. Workman, Apr, 1867.
William Herrod, Sep, 1833.  George D. Hinkle, prior to Oct, 1867.
Fabius M. Finch, Sep, 1833.   --- McGuire, prior to Oct, 1867.
Burril B. Taylor, Sep, 1834.   Lancaster, prior to Oct, 1867.
Gilderoy Hicks, Sep, 1835.   Robert H. Power, Oct, 1867.
John Ryman, September, 1835.   Bellamy S. Sutton, Apr, 1868.
Christian C. Nave, Sep, 1835.    Platt Wick, April, 1869.
Peter Ryman, September, 1835.    O.J. Glessner, prior to Apr, 1869
A.A. Hammond, prior to Oct, 1836.   A.B. Campbell, Oct 1869.
Mason Hutton, October, 1836.   F.M. Connor, prior to Apr, 1869.
Royal Mayhew, Oct, 1836.   Alonzo Blair, Oct, 1869.
Harvy Brown, Aug, 1838.   Henry H. Whitcomb, Apr, 1870.
A. F. Mayo, prior to Aug, 1838.   John Hoop, Oct, 1870.
James B. Sleeth, Apr, 1839.   Austin F. Denny, Apr, 1871.
David B. Farington, Aug, 1839.   William F. A. Bernhamer, Apr, 1871.
Moses Kelley, Feb, 1840.   S. B. Jenkins, Apr, 1871.
Irwin W. Madison, Aug, 1840.   Harrie H. Francis, May, 1875.
Hugh O'Neal, Feb, 1841.   Leopold Feibleman, May, 1875.
Lucian Barbour, Feb, 1841.   Edmund K. Adams, May, 1875.
William H. Brumfield, Feb, 1841.   Robert W. Wiles, Oct, 1875.
Robert S. Cox, Feb, 1841.   Charles Sprague, Oct, 1875.
Finley Bigger, February, 1841.   Corydon W. Morrison, Dec, 1875.
James M. Sleeth, 1842.   Oliver B. Philips, Dec, 1876.
Cyrus Wright, Aug, 1842.Albert F. Wray, Dec, 1876.
Edward Lander, Feb, 1843.   Newton L. Wray, Dec, 1876.
Thomas A. Hendricks, Feb, 1843.   William R. Burton, Dec, 1877.
James Harrison, Feb, 1843.  James McF. Dunn, Mar, 1878.
Matthias Wright, Feb, 1844. John A. Tindall, Mar, 1878.
John Morrison, Feb, 1844.   Charles Major, May, 1878.
P. A. Hackleman, Feb, 1844. John S. Ferris, Oct, 1878.
Eden H. Davis, Feb, 1844.   Joseph W. Thompson, Oct, 1878.
Hugh F. Fugit, Feb, 1845.   Isaac Carter, May, 1879.
R. A. Riley, Feb, 1845. Charles G. Adams, May, 1879.
--- Tingle, prior to Feb, 1845.   Harry S. Downey, Oct, 1879.
A. W. Hubbard, prior to Feb, 1845.   Marine D. Tackett, Oct, 1879.
R. D. Logan, Aug, 1845.   Lyman L. Mobley, Mar, 1880.
Daniel A. Hart, Aug, 1845.   W. B. Wilson, May, 1880.
David Stone, Aug, 1845.   Everett E. Stroup, May, 1880.
M. M. Ray, prior to Aug, 1845.   A. C. Harris, Dec, 1880.
David M. C. Lane, Feb, 1846.   Lee F. Wilson, Mar, 1881.
Albert G. Porter, Feb, 1846.   William Cassady, Mar, 1881.
Lewis F. Coppersmith, Feb, 1846.   James Wright, May, 1881.
John Slater, Aug, 1847.   Geo. C. Butler, May, 1881.
William Henderson, Aug, 1847.    Wm. F. McBane, Oct, 1881.
William Wallace, Feb, 1848   James C. Caughey, Dec, 1881.
John Quarles, Feb, 1848.   Edward Dealy, Mar, 1883.
Larkin Reynolds, Feb, 1849.   William Wright, Mar, 1883.
Duane Hicks, Aug, 1849.   E. H. Chadwick, prior to Oct, 1883.
W. H. Hagins, Aug, 1849.   W. H. Isley, prior to Oct, 1883.
Andrew J. Boone, Feb, 1850.   Ara E. Lisher, Mar, 1884.
Horatio C. Newcomb,
          prior to Aug, 1849.

Hiram M. Curry, Oct, 1822.      Oscar B. Hord, Apr, 1853.
Calvin Fletcher, Oct, 1823.         Thomas A. McFarland, Oct, 1853.
Harvey Gregg, Sep, 1824.   William Patterson, Apr, 1855.
Calvin Fletcher, Sep, 1825.   Henry C. Hanna, Apr, 1859.
James Whitcomb, Sep, 1826.   Milton G. Cullum, Apr, 1861.
William W. Wick, Mar, 1829.   Samuel S. Harrel, Apr, 1863.
Philip Sweetzer, Mar, 1831.   Creighton Dandy, Apr, 1865.
Hiram Brown, Sep, 1831.   K. M. Hord, Apr, 1867.
Harvey Gregg, Mar, 1832.   Platt Wicks, Apr, 1869.
William Herrod, Sep, 1833.   Daniel W. Howe, Oct, 1869.
William Quarels, Feb, 1837.   Nathaniel T. Carr, Apr, 1871.
William J. Peaslee, Apr, 1839.   K. M. Hord, Oct, 1872.
Hugh O'Neal, Feb, 1841.   W. Scott Ray, Oct, 1874.
A. A. Hammond, Feb, 1843.   L. J. Hackney, Oct, 1878.
Edward Lander, Feb, 1847.   Jacob L. White, Dec, 1880.
Matthias Wright, Feb, 1849.   Fred S. Staff, Dec, 1886.
David S. Gooding, Aug, 1851.   Peter M. Dill, Dec, 1886.

Benjamin F. Love.     Edward H. Chadwick.   Leonard J. Hackney.
Alfred Major.  . Robert Harrison   Henry S. Downey
Oliver J. Glessner.   John Ferris.     Harry Morrison.
H. H. Daugherty.   Everett E. Stroup.   Charles Major.
Thomas B. Adams.   George M. Wright.   Will H. Isley.
Nelson B. Berryman.   James Harrison.    John A. Tindall .
Ed. K. Adams.  James B. McFadden.   Albert Akers.
David L. Wilson   Edwin P. Ferris.   Lee F. Wilson.
Albert F. Wray.   Lewis T. Michener.     Charles J. Fastlaben.
Robert W. Wiles.

               While it would doubtless be of much interest to have sketches of the different members of the bar who are now living, inserted here, such a feature is foreign to the plan of this work.  Through the body of the work frequent reference is made of those who have won prominence at the Shelby Bar, and have now passed away.  No county of like population in the State has been more prolific of attorneys that have become conspicuous in their profession.  Foremost of them all was Thoms A. Hendricks, while but little if any, less able as a lawyer, was Martin M. Ray.  Other conspicuous members of the bar have been, Eden H. Davis,  William J. Peaslee, and  Stephen Major, that have long since disappeared from the scenes of their conquests and renown.  Among those now living who appropriately occupy high positions among their professional associates are:  B. F. Love,  Alfred Major,  O. J. Glessner,  Thomas B. Adams,  L. T. Michener,  James Harrison  and  perhaps others of the younger attorneys.  A short notice of each of the Judges has been given, as seemed prompted by the records.  Extensive accounts also have been presented of some of the earlier practitioners, those who have been translated to a tribunal of more enlarged jurisdiction and one endowed with unfailing justice.
History of Shelby County, Indiana, Chicago: Brant & Fuller, 1887, pages 571-573.
Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming, Dec 2000.

The  Shelby  Democrat-Volunteer
Thursday, February 26, 1880
Page 2
Petit  Jury.
          The following are the names of the persons who compose the Petit Jury for the March term of the Shelby Circuit Court:
          John Wasson, Noble township.
          Leander Fox, Marion township.
          Joseph Heck, Liberty township.
          Jacob Mahley, Jackson township.
          Henry Fastlaben, Addison township.
          George W. John, Union township.
          David Thurston, Hendricks township.
          Henry Torline, Sugar Creek township.
          Jeremiah McNamara, Moral township.
          Judge W. Harrell, Brandywine township.
Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

A  Shelby  County  Newspaper
August 1847

          HAS  removed his   [     ] across the street near Mr. [  ] Store.
Oct 9th 1846
Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

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