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The  Indianapolis  Daily  News
May 6, 1921
          SHELBYVILLE,  Ind., May 5. ---Postmaster  Allen Green  has received official notice that the Shelbyville postoffice will be advanced to the first class on July 1, 1921, having reached the qualifications of first-class postoffices with its business of more than $40,000 last year.  The salary of Mr. Green will also be advanced to $3,200 with the change in status.
Contributed by Mary Ann Dark

The  Shelby  Democrat
Thursday, April 3, 1913.
Page 4   Column 3
Will Become Special Agent
For the Equitable Life As-
surance Society.
Will Begin Work Next Week, but
Will Continue to Make His Home
in Shelbyville -- Earl Hayes Act-
ing Assistant Postmaster.
          Major R. Wilson,  one of the best known and most popular young men of this city, has resigned his position as deputy postmaster, the announcement being made today by Mr. Wilson.  He is leaving the employment of the government to accept a position as a special agent for the Equitable Life Assurance Society of the United States, which has its home office at 165 Broadway, New York.  The resignation will take effect next week, and after Mr. Wilson leaves the office  Earl Hayes  will be the acting assistant postmaster until the successor of Mr. Wison[sic] has been named.
          Mr. Wilson will have his headquarters at Indianapolis, but will continue to make his home in this city.  He will have twenty counties in his territory as special agent.  The company with which he is accepting employment is the one for which  Samuel C. Ferrell,  formerly superintendent of the Shelbyville schools, is owrking.  Mr. Ferrell has been meeting with most excellent success and is already commanding a high salary.  Mr. Wilson is peculiarly well fitted for the work and his many friends here predict for him a splendid career in the new field.  He is well acquainted over the state and has met many of the prominent men of the sections he will work thru attending conventions of postmasters and assistnat postmasters.  In addition to this Mr. Wilson has done considerable work about the state as agent for the American Express Company.  He was employed by the express company at Vincennes before returning to this city a few years ago to take charge of the local office of the company.  When  Elisha Sexton  became postmaster Mr. Wilson became his deputy.  Recently all assistnat postmasters were placed under civil service and Mr. Wilson might have held the psiion her indefinitely as he is most competent and trustworthy.  The position, however, pays only $1,300 per year and the new field offers such opportunity that Mr. Wilson felt he could not refuse the agency offer when it was tendered.  He was deputy postmaster here at the time  Thomas Newton  was postmaster, getting his first experience in the office at that time.
          His many friends are delighted at the splendid opportunity that has come his way and he will have the best wishes of all for success.
Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

The  Muncie  Morning  Star
Delaware Co, Indiana
December 12, 1904
(by Associated Press)
Thieves Desecrated the Sabbath and Secured $500.
Shelbyville, Ind., Dec. 11.- The safe in the postoffice at Findlay, north of here, was blown open early this morning by robbers, who procured $100 in cash and about $400 in stamps.
Transcribed by DJ Faust

The  Shelby  Democrat
December 24, 1903
          The money order department of the local postoffice reports an unusually heavy business this week.  There always is a noticeable increase in the amount of money sent during the Christmas season, but this year's business will be much in advance of past holiday times.
Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming


            This card for IOOF dues of 1.50 sent to William Hultch from W A Nue Secretary was sent on March 16 1894. Shelbyville was on the cutting edge of technology in 1894.
            You could buy plain penny postcard starting in 1870 supplied by the postoffice.  The post office first allowed privately printed penny postcards in 1894.  This created an avalanche of interest in collecting postcards.  By the end of the 19th century, 1/3 of the mail sent was postcards.  Nearly 860 million postcards were sent in 1908!  The post office had found a good revenue source in these post cards.
Contributed by George Young

The  Shelby  Republican
Friday, March 1, 1901
Page 6
Letter List.
          The following letters remain uncalled for in the postoffice of Shelbyville, Shelby county, Indiana, February 26, 1901:
Mrs. John Aldridge,                Mrs. Anna Booher,          
Jeff Chapalo, Will H. Davis,
Jas. F. Green, Edward Hester.
          To obtain the above letters please say advertised and give date of list.
T. E. NEWTON,  Postmaster.       
Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

The  Shelbyville  Daily  Democrat
Tuesday, September 26, 1899
          Postmaster Newton  is having the mail boxes painted and covered iwth illuminum[sic], and at several places boys have taken the red paint and besmeared it over the illuminum, thus spoiling the work.  Postmaster Newton states that he will presecute anyone caught interfering again with the boxes, and as the penalty is a very severe one parents would do well to insist on their children staying away from the government's property.
Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

The  Shelby  Republican
Thursday, March 2, 1893
          The following letters remain uncalled for in the postoffice of Shelbyville, Shelby county, Indiana, March 1, 1893:
Miss Maggie Anderson
Miss Mattie Barns
Joseph Edwards
Alfred Martel
Mrs. Ellen A. Wiley
John F. Downey
James Enoch
John Heinrichs
Grant Sweet
Charley Tyre
Miss Huldie A. Smith.
           To obtain the above letters please say advertised and give date of list.
Geo. H. DUNN,  Postmaster.

Unknown Shelbyville Newspaper
Thursday, January 16, 1878
Letter List
The following letters remained in the Post Office at Shelbyville, Shelby County, Indiana, Jan. 10, 1878. Persons calling for letters in the following list will please say advertised:
Browning, Clark A.             Ballard, Mrs. S. C.
Curry, D. A. Cook, E. H.
Clark, Mollie Dietrick, J. C.
Eastlack, A. Gehrlein, Andy
Hock, Davy Lin, James L.
Miller, D. B. Mints, Clement
Marks, Joseph Patrick, Mr.
Parker, Kaura M. Ray, T.
Smith, Jennie Sparks, Rebecca
Thompson, A. V. Wilson, Charles.
A. P. BONE, P. M.
Contributed by Susan Kelley

The  Shelbyville  Republican
June 6, 1872
List of Letters
          Remaining in the Postoffice at Shelbyville, Ind., for the week ending June 6, 1872.  All advertized letters not called for in one month from date of advertisement will be sent to the Dead Letter Office, Washington, D. C.  Persons calling for letters in the following list, should ask for "Advertised Letters."
Bowers, Wm. Mr.
Canom Delive Miss
Carter Henriettia Mrs
Dobing John Mr.
Doan Mary Mrs.
Dyer Alfred Mr.
King & Colwell
Moore Henry
Mines Kate Mrs.
Powell Bennett
Ramey Jno. Mr. -- 2
Stewart Samuel
Thompson M. Jas.
Yocum H. S.

Early Shelby County Post Offices
Noah (Marion) June 30, 1823 June 1824 David Fisher
July 17, 1826 John Kennedy
September 5, 1836 February 28, 190 Unknown
Hanover May 14, 1822 Able Cole
January 23, 1834 Unknown
Morven April 20, 1826 November 28, 1827 Arthur Major
January 25, 1828 September 19, 1842 Arthur Major
Sulpher Hill March 23, 1836 December 15, 1904 Matthias Floyd
Freeport August 9, 1837 July 21, 1879 Alex Rittenhouse
August 15, 1897 December 16, 1895 Mrs. Mary Burtch
January 15, 1897 August 30, 1902 Frank Timney
Mt. Auburn November 23, 1838 Isaac Rogers
March 13, 1844 May 15, 1905 Unknown
Marietta May 23, 1848 February 29, 1904 Samuel Spencer
Smithland December 2, 1853 November 12, 1860 James Smith
January 10, 1861 October 31, 1901 James W McLain
Winterrowd December 5, 1853 April 30, 1905 William P Winterrowd
Davisville January 15, 1853 Lucius Walton
March 24, 1869 Unknown
London January 10, 1854 John H Jeffries
Bengal June 1, 1881 December 6, 1902 James Pottenger
Prescott March 8, 1860 May 15, 1905 Sylvester Dorsey
Flemings 1831 1851
Little Blue River 1837 1851
Manwarings 1837 1860
Moral 1855 1907
Jollity 1874 1875
Blue Bell 1859 1860

The  National  Volunteer
January 6, 1853
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List of Letters at the Shelbyville Post Office

A - B
Avery, Mrs.Pouxton ~ ~ Anderson, Martha A. ~ ~ Ballenger, B. P.
Brown, J.D. ~ ~ Blankenship, Hannah ~ ~ Bready, Edward
Bless, G.W. ~ ~ Burns, John ~ ~ Baker, Mrs. Margaret

Conger, Hiram E. ~ ~ Carson, J. E. ~ ~ Cromwell, William B.
Connelton, William ~ ~ Collins, James ~ ~ Copeland, William
Cullman, John ~ ~ Codmer, Samuel ~ ~ Crosson, Anderson
Crowtz, Absalom ~ ~ Cole, William R.

D - E - F
Davison, Ruben ~ ~ Dilence, Sylvester ~ ~ Drake, Peter
Davison, James ~ ~ Delavare, Reuben ~ ~ Davis, Stephen D.
Eoff, Samuel ~ ~ Ellis, John ~ ~ Francis, Isaiah R.
Foster, Jahew ~ ~ Fouty, Ephraim ~ ~ Furgeson, John

G - H
Gilleon, Christopher ~ ~ Gates, Hannah ~ ~ Goddard, Joseph
Gilcrees, John ~ ~ Gilphin, Charlotte ~ ~ Harris, William G.
Hanepin, James ~ ~ Hinde, Edmund ~ ~ Hargis, Henry G.
Holt, Rev. ~ ~ Hoelson, Rachel ~ ~ Howell, Benjamin
Harrell, James ~ ~ Healey, Margaret ~ ~ Henly, Patrick
Hubarks, John ~ ~ Henry, Patrick

I - J - K
Irwin, Benjamin ~ ~ Jennings, Levi ~ ~ Jenkins, Joseph H.
Jemmison, Wesley ~ ~ Joyce, Michael ~ ~ Kelly, Hugh J.
King, Stephen ~ ~ Kilduff, John

Leenenthal & Alder ~ ~ Lewis, James ~ ~ Law, William
Lightner, Salathiel ~ ~ Lanlensheager, Rev.

Moore, Miss Christina ~ ~ Martin, James ~ ~ Morris, N.J.
Micheal, Fielding ~ ~ Miller, James ~ ~ Makely, Peter
Matthews, Robert ~ ~ Moffeet, Joseph ~ ~ Main, William
Murphy, Patrick ~ ~ Mack, Rachael ~ ~ McGloughlin, Patrick
McGoutz, J.B. ~ ~ McCray, Sust ~ ~ McNeely, Robert
McGovern, Anthony ~ ~ McCarty, Susan

N - O - P
Nickels, David ~ ~ Nelles, Bob ~ ~ O'Hanna, Lawrence
Nookin, John ~ ~ O'Nell, Patrick ~ ~ Pherson, George
Pentland, J. ~ ~ Phillips, Martha ~ ~ Pleas,Valley D.S.
Peas, Uta ~ ~ Pentyer, Solomon

Rolla, Eliza ~ ~ Rhorer, Simeon ~ ~ Reynold, James
Robbins, Elizabeth ~ ~ Rigler, Hiram ~ ~ Ross, James
Roberts, Burrell ~ ~ Robertson, Allen

S - T - U
Stafford, Thomas ~ ~ Shelton, Joseph ~ ~ Sprague, Jasper
Shaff, Reuben ~ ~ Stafford, James ~ ~ Spillard, James F.
Summers, Alexander ~ ~ Snider, Eleanor ~ ~ Toner, M.E.
Tindel, Amey ~ ~ Taylor, Marion C. ~ ~ Tucker, Ephraim
Tyner & Stallard ~ ~ Updegraff, Joseph

V - W - Y
Veerick, Andrew ~ ~ Van Benthusen, William ~ ~ Vaughn, Josiah
Vanderburg, Francis ~ ~ Wilson, W. ~ ~ Woods, George
Willard, John ~ ~ Weise, John ~ ~ Warden, William
Wills, James ~ ~ White, Mary H. ~ ~ Webb, Elisha
Wheeler, Thomas ~ ~ Young, William ~ ~ Young, James

Abstracted by Maurice Holmes, in his book Shelbyville, Indiana, Newspaper Excerpts: 1853-1859.  Submitted by Sherry Badgley Ryan, with permission from the author.

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