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Shelby Township, Shelby County, Indiana:  Township 12 North - Range 6, 7 East
per Plat Directory distributed by the Purdue University Cooperative Extension Service, 1997.

The  Daily  Democrat
January 6, 1914
Page 4
          Miss Kathleen Collins  spent Thursday with  Mrs. Montie Snyder.
          Mr. and Mrs. Ray Pierson and son,  Clyde,  are visiting relatives at Dayton, O.
          Misses Ruth Thurston  and  Evelyn Kanarr  visited the Kent School Friday afternoon.
          Mrs. Jesse Miller  is lying seriously ill at her home, suffering from abdominal troubles.
          Miss Gladys Powell,  of Shelbyville, spent Wednesday with  Misses Ura and  Erie Berck.
Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

The  Shelby  Democrat
April 3, 1913
Page 5 Column 4
          Mrs. John Berck  was on the sicke list last week.
          Dyer Wood  is suffering from a felon on his finger.
          The  Mitchell  school closed Friday after a successful term.
          Isaac Hey  had the misfortune to lose a fine horse recently.
          John Adams  spent Sunday night with  John Emrich  and family.
          Walter Weddel  and family have moved on to the  Sorden  farm.
          Jasper McKay  is making preparations to move on his farm here.
          Mrs. Jefferson Lantz,  of near Waldron, was in our midst Friday.
          Miss Dorothy Fox  was the guest of John Emrich  and family, Friday.
          Mrs. May Hargrove,  of Rushville, is here the guest of  Mrs. Lona Fritter.
          John Adams  spent Saturday night with  Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Campbell.
          John Adams  returned Friday from a few days' visit with relatives near Waldron.
          Frank Cherry  has gone to Indianapolis, where he has secured employment.
          John Adams  was the guest of  Charles McDonald  and family, Friday night.
          William Gosney  and family spent Sunday with relatives northeast of Shelbyville.
          School was dismissed Tuesday at the  Kent  school house on account of the high water.
          Quite a number of our people visited Blue river last Tuesday to view the great flood.
          Mr. and Mrs. George Keppel  and children, of Blue Ridge, were in our midst Sunday afternoon.
          Mr. and Mrs. Willism Wood  had as their guests their daughter and children from Indianapolis.
          Mrs. Lona Fritter  and  Mrs. May Hargrove  spent Sunday afternoon with relatives at Shelbyville.
          Mrs. Jennie Tanner  was the guest of her daughter,  Mrs. John Daniels,  on the Amos pike, Wednesday.
            Miss MYrtle Bellman  has returned home from a few days' visit with the  Misses Worland,  east of here.
          Misses Mildred Stubbs,  Grace Crane  and  Edna Anderson  are confined to the house with measles.
          Misses Erie and  Alice Berck
  and brother,  Frank,  have been suffering from a severe attack of measles.
          Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Anderson  spent Sunday with their daughter,  Mrs. Luella Trimble,  near Winchester.
            Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Colvin  and son,  Master Leroy,  spent Sunday with  Sherman Becker  and family, at Marietta.
          Mr. and Mrs. John Emrich  and daughters,  Misses Anna and  Clara,  and  John Adams  spent Sunday evening with  Ozzro Fox  and family.
          The recent high water washed the culvert away near the residence of  Adam Stadtmiller.  The culvert will be replaced by a fine concrete structure.
          Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Seeley  and three children, of Carthage, spent Sunday here with his sister and brother-in-law,  Mr. and Mrs. Ozzro Fox  and family.
          Mr. and Mrs. Grover McDonald  and son,  Charles  and daughter,  Viola,  of Shelbyville, were here over Sunday with his parents,  Rev. and Mrs. Charles E. McDonald,  and family.
          Mrs. Catherine Burd,  who has been visiting relatives here the past week, was unable to return to her home at Manilla Thursday, as no trains were running on the J., M. & I. road.
          Mr. and Mrs. Noah Buckler  and sons,  Lester and  Willard,  and daughter,  Miss Gertrude,  Mr. and Mrs. Edward Buescher  and  Frank Dugan  were the guests of  Ozzro Fox  and family, Saturday evening.
Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

The  Shelby  Democrat
February 18, 1909
Page 5 Column 5
          Miss Elizabeth Meloy  had been suffering from an attack of tonsilitis for several weeks.
          Mr. and Mrs. August Scheffler,  of Shelbyville, spent Monday with  John Emrich  and family.
          Mrs. Eli Cherry  remains in a serious condition.  All chances are against her recovery.
          Mrs. Philip Stephens,  of Howard county, is visiting her parents,  Mr. and Mrs. Eli Cherry.
          Mrs. N. J. Smith  has returned home from an extended stay with relatives at Columbus.
          A number of our people have been attending the Heavenly Recruit meetings at Smithland.
          Jacob Mayer  returned Friday from an extended hunting trip thru Kentucky and Tennessee.
          Andrew Campbell  has recovered from his recent illness, has[sic] many friends will be pleased to learn.
          Ariel Snyder  and  Albert Schoelch,  of Shelbyville, were the guests of  Earl and Clarence Neal,  Saturday.
          Mrs. Maud McDonald  was the guest of  Mrs. Earl Henderson,  of Smithland, several days last week.
          William Theobald,  of Morristown, was here last week the guest of his parents,  Mr. and Mrs. Charles Theobald.
          Mrs. William Cropper,  of Flat Rock, was here last week at the bedside of her mother,  Mrs. Eli Cherry.
          Miss Sarah Mohr,  has returned home from a two weeks stay with her aunt,  Mrs. Mary Buescher,  at Morristown.
          Mrs. and Mrs. John Emrich,  Miss Anna Emrich  and  Ezra Stites  were the guests of&bnsp; Albert Kaster  and family, Sunday.
          Miss Linda Gray,  who has been visiting her brother,  Hamilton Gray  returned to her home in VanBuren township, Saturday.
          Grover and  James McDonald  and  Miss Maude McDonald  have united with the Heavenly Recruit church at Smithland recently.
          John Emrich,  who hurt his hand in a corn crusher recently, is getting along as well as could be expected under the ircumstances[sic].
          Mr. and Mrs. James Brown,  Mr. and Mrs. John Emrich,  the  Misses Anna Emrich,  Lydia Bausback  and  Clara Emrich  attended the social given by the Degree of Pocahontas at Shelbyville, Monday night.
Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

The  Daily  Democrat
Friday, June 26, 1908
Page 4   column 5
          Miss Leota Howard  was shopping in Shelbyville Saturday.
          Mrs. Malinda Gilespie  is quite ill with the malaria fever.
          Fannie Roberts  attended the ball game at Prescott Sunday.
          Miss Cecil Davis,  who has been sick, is better at this writing.
          Fred Stickford  was a business visitor at Indianapolis, Saturday.
          Robert Hungate  called on one of our fair misses Sunday evening.
          Miss Lorena Gunter  spent Saturday ----ing with  Miss Sylvia Shoemaker.
          Henry Stickford  and daughter,  Miss Anna,  were shopping in Shelbyville Saturday.
          Mrs. Porter Limpus  spent Friday with her aunt,  Miss Louisa Biddinger,  near Prescott.
          Edward Stickford,  of near Adams, has come home to spend a few weeks with his folks.
          Miss Louisa Biddinger,  of near Prescott, went to Pontiac, Michigan, to visit her brother,  David Biddinger.
          Roy,  Rob  and  Irena Hungate,  Henry,  Katie,  Anna  and  Rosa Stickford  spent Sunday with  Miss Anna Stickford  and brothers.
          The dance at  George Miller's  Saturday night was well attended, about fifty being present.  Among some of them were the following:  James York,  Lester Barnes,  Will Fately,  Geo. Leppert,  Roy Hungate,  Rob Hungate,  Agnes York,  Mary York,  Flora Zettlemier,  Lorena Gunter,  Will Stickford,  Harry Stickford,  Frank Stickford,  Sylvia Shoemaker,  Anna  and  Lizie Stickford.  All reported having a good time.
Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

A  Shelbyville  Newspaper
April 10, 1907
          Miss Maude McDonald  is staying with  Mrs. Emma Sherman.
          Mrs. Wilfred Meloy  has about recovered from her recent illness.
          Andrew Siefert  spent several days last week with his niece, Mrs. John Adams.
          Andrew Siefert  has returned here from a short visit with relatives in Kentucky.
          Several of our young people attended a party at Shelbyville Tuesday evening.
          Miss Maude McDonald  spent Sunday with  Miss Sadie Branson,  near Shelbyville.
          Miss Lyda Law,  a pretty young lady of Shelbyville, visited relatives near here last week.
          Walter McDonald  and family have moved on the farm of  Grover McDonald, in Liberty township.
          From all appearances,  Clancy Colvin  went fishing Thursday.  Clancy will tell you the number of fish he caught if you will ask him.
          Mrs. Frank Hughbanks  was called to Shelbyville, Sunday night, to the bedside of her brother,  Edward Henry,  who is seriously ill.
          Mr. and Mrs. Valentine Schoelch  and two sons,  Albert  and  Adolph, of Shelbyville, spent Sunday with  Frank Hughbanks  and family.
          Miss Ada Bruce,  of this place, and  Miss Dorcas Farrer, of Indianapolis,
Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

The  Shelbyville  Daily  Democrat
Tuesday, February 20, 1906
          Frank Bauer  was on the sick list last week.
          M. D. Jackson  has purchased a new buggy.
          Frank Davisson  is having a ditch put in on his farm.
          Mrs. Mart Goodwin  is again a sufferer from rheumatism.
          Frank Davisson  transacted business at Fairland, Friday.
          Mr. and Mrs. William Adam  spent Sunday at Indianapolis.
          Miss Cordelia Smith  was shopping....
Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

The  Shelby  Democrat
Thursday, January 25, 1906
          Quite a number of our citizens are attending the  Dipple  trial.
          L. P. Smiley  spent Wednesday and Thursday at Hope.
          Wonder if  Frank  has learned the meaning of  "cotton tail"  yet?
          John Tanner  and wife spent Sunday with  John Daniels  and family.
          Mrs. Kate Smith  has gone to Indianapolis for a few days' visit.
          Mrs. Cora Drake  of Jennings county visited in these parts last week.
          Born to  Mr. and Mrs. John Daniels, a daughter, Sunday, Jan. 14.
          Mrs. Lucy Dugan  is having a new fence erected on her farm this wek[sic].
          Mrs. Mayme Dipple  of near Smithland spent Tuesday with  Mrs. Fred Meloy.
          Miss Leona Jackson  was the guest of  Misses Anna  and  Clara Emrich  Sunday.
          Herman Schnitker  of Batesville was here the fore part of the week on business.
          Thomas Richardson made his usual trip to the little house on the corner Sunday.
          Mr. and Mrs. Eli Cherry, who have been quite sick the past week, are slowly improving.
          Miss Laura Smith  took supper with  Miss Fannie Jacklin  and brother, Oscar, Tuesday.
          The condition of  Mrs. Fannie Parrish, who fell about a week ago, reamins about the same.
          Mrs. Thomas Dugan  of Clarks-....[my copy ends here].
Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

The  Shelby  Democrat
December 31, 1903
          WEST  SHELBY, Dec. 30. --- Mrs. Barbara Knowlton is reported worse again.
          Mr. and Mrs. Bert Bridenstine passed Christmas with Mr. Chris Abel and family in Shelbyville.
          Miss Bessie Mount of Shelbyville, was the guest of Miss Mabel Worden Friday.
          Mrs. Amy Jones of Fenns was visiting her mother, Mrs. Knowlton, who is quite sick, Friday afternoon.
          Josephine Thurston, of Smithland, has been here the guest of her sister, Mrs. Fred Meloy, for several days.
          Mrs. Julia Berry and two sons, Otis and Paul of Marietta, who have been visiting her sister Mrs. Sallie Adams, for several days, returned to their home Sunday.  Mrs. Adams accompanied her to spend the day in Marietta.
          The play at Fenns Friday night was not so well attended owing to the inclement condition of the weather.  Only a small sum was realized and they will repeat the play Tuesday night.
          The play at Smithland Christmas Eve was a success in every way financially and otherwise.  Those who took part played their parts well and a large crowd came out to hear them.  A neat sum of about twenty dollars was realized.
          Ethel and Mary Lewis of Lewis Creek, were the guests of their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Jacklin, several days last week.
          Mrs. May Parker and Miss Theresa Snitcher of Shelbyville, were the guests of  Misses May and Pearl Snitcker Friday.
          Mr. Frederick Ewick of Minniapolis, Minn., and Jess Miller and wife spent Christmas with Andrew Campbell and daughter, Miss Ella.
          It is reported that Jacob Hornug has sold his farm of forty acres to Miles Jackson of Prescott last week, consideration, $4,000.  It is said Mr. Hornug will give possession the first of March.
          Jesse Miller and sister Miss Luella of Shelbyville, were the guests of Pete Worden and sister, Miss Mabel and daughter last week.
          Mrs. Mart Kelsey and children of Shelbyville, are spending the holidays with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Newton Smith.
          John Scheffer of Fenns transacted business in this locality Monday.
Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

The  Shelby  Democrat
December 27, 1883
Shelby Township, Dec. 22, '83.
          Andy Jackson drives the boss match grays.
          E. C. Lympus  is spending holidays at Columbus.
          Ellois Woods, of Hendricks county is visiting friends here.
          George Nugent  is getting so fat he is to[sic] stout for his clothes.
          Dan Shoemaker  one of our dudes has returned home to spend the winter.
          The young minister of the Waldron circuit travels to his appointments on horseback.
          Sell Stafford  is done gathering corn and has most of it corded; he thinks he will have 500 cords.
          John P. Messick  and sister  Miss Gertie  are spending holidays with relatives at North Manchester.
          The school in District No. 2 is doing splendidly.  Miss Ardenia Green  teacher.  She gave her pupils a treat on Christmas.
          John Main  was surprised by the oyster supper given him by his wife and daughter.  "Chum" was invited but owing to the condition of his financial affairs he was absent.
Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

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