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Franklin Township, Marion County

Farmersville October 22, 1852
Beech Grove

Hanover Township, se of Gwynneville

  abt 1850
Bengal   Blue Bell early 1840's
Black Hawk Jackson Township Mt Auburn 18 Jan 1837
Blue Bell   Bengal  
Blue Ridge

eastern Liberty Township

Blue River      
Boggstown   Houghville
17 Feb 1869
Boston 17th ward of  Shelbyville Shelbyville  
Bradford south of Fountaintown    
Brady between London & Fairland    
Brandywine Town 1 mile NE of Fairland/
Brandywine Township
Pin Hook 2 Jun 1831
Brookfield     26 Nov 1853
Bug a Boo E Addison/W Liberty Mt. Pisgah  
Bynum Washington Township, Cave neighborhood    
Canaan   Smithland  
Carolina Near the Nail / Ray or Center Cemetery Wray's Settlement    
Conn's Creek   Waldron  
Cooper's Corner South of Waldron, between 
Morven and Vanpelt Cemetery
Cynthiana Northeast corner of Liberty Township,
just east of Melterville and west of the
Rush-Shelby County line.
1)  Blue Ridge
2)  Bug a Boo
3)  Needmore
19 Aug 1835
Davisville Van Buren Township Fountaintown  
Doblestown Moral Township, southeast of Pleasant View   3 Oct 1837
Fairland Brandywine Township Saints' Rest 21 Oct 1852
Fenns Shelby Township Fenns Station  
Flat Rock Washington Township   2 May 1855
Fleming's 5 miles southwest of Shelbyville    
Fountaintown Van Buren Township Davisville 23 Dec 1854
Freeport Little Blue River, 
southwest of Morristown
Windfall 7 Mar 1836
Gelletsburgh 1/2 mile west of Morristown   17 Jan 1833
Geneva   Sulphur Hill 28 Oct 1853
Goose Creek Section of St Paul, Noble Township    
Goosetown section of Blue Ridge Blue Ridge 1910-1930
Gwynneville     22 Jan 1881
Hanover   Morristown  
Harper's Ferry Washington Township    
Haw Patch 125 W  Flat Rock Rd Slab Town  
Hoagensville short distance north of 
Shelbyville on US 421
Hord west of Shelbyville, 
between 200W and 300W
Houghsburgh Sugar Creek Township 16 Jul 1838
Jerico / Jericho southern Van Buren Township
Jollity west of Marietta  
Lardonna SR-9 and US-52  
Lewis Creek Washington Township    
Little Blue River between Shelbyville 
and Little Marion
Little Marion Marion Township Marion / Noah  
London Moral Township, 700N and 700E   21 Jul 1852
Manilla Rush County, Indiana    
Manwarring   Boggstown  
Marietta Hendricks & Jackson Townships   19 Jun 1839
Marion Marion Township Little Marion
27 Dec 1820
Martin's Corner 1 mile east of London    
Meltzerville Meltzer  
Middletown Liberty Township Toga 19 Jun 1829
Moral 900N and 500W Pleasant View  
Morristown Hanover Township Hanover 3 May 1828
Morven northeast of Flat Rock  
Mt Auburn Jackson Township Black Hawk 18 Jan 1837
Mt Pisgah E Addison/W Liberty Bugaboo  
Mt Pleasant just west of Geneva   2 Jun 1831
Needmore   Blue Ridge  
New Harmony 500W and SR-252      
New Holland     29 Apr 1837
New Palestine north of Pleasant View, in Hancock Co    
Noah Marion Township Marion  
Norristown Washington Township Winterrowd 22 Nov 1851
Oldham's Mill Marion Township    
Parma due south of Mt Auburn    
Pin Hook 1 mile NE of Fairland/
Brandywine Township
Brandywine 2 Jun 1831
Pisgah east of Shelbyville, Addison Township    
Pitt's Ford Union Township, west of Manilla    
Pleasant View Moral Township 1) Doblestown
2) Wrights
3) Wrightsdale
4) Moral
6 Jul 1836
'Possumtown Shelby Township    
Prescott     28 Jun 1867
Raytown southwest section
of Shelbyville
Ray's Crossing SR 44 east of Shelbyville, Union Township   22 Jan 1881
Saints Rest   Fairland  
Sang Town   125 W  Flat Rock Rd 1) Slab Town
2) Haw Patch
Savannah     9 Jun 1834
Scottsville     24 Feb 1835
Shelbyville center of Shelby County Addison 23 Sep 1822
Smithland Hendricks Township Canaan 28 Oct 1851
Slab Town   125 W  Flat Rock Rd Haw Patch  
Sleepy Hollow Noble Township    
Sodom near Vanpelt Cem, on Conn's Creek
Noble Township
St Omer Decatur County, east of Noble Township   1834
St Paul Noble Township   4 Apr 1856
Stroupville Liberty Township Waldron 27 Mar 1854
Sulphur Hill   Geneva  
Swain's Mill Hanover Township    
Toga Liberty Township Middletown  
Vinton 400W and the RR crossing
Main St-Michigan Rd (421)
    20 Mar 1838
Waldron Liberty Township 1) Stroupville
2) Strouptown
3) Conn's Creek
27 Mar 1854
Walkerville   Section of Shelbyville, east of downtown     
Wilson's Corner Shelby Township, 5.5 mi south of Shelbyville  Wilson Meadows   
Windfall Little Blue River, 
southwest of Morristown
Freeport 7 Mar 1836
Winterrowd   Norristown  
Wray's Settlement Nail Ray or Center Cem Carolina    
Wrights / Wrightsdale   Pleasant View  

Compiled by Judy Cheatham and Robert Burns, along with information from
Brant & Fuller's history, Melinda Weaver, Barb Huff and Marge Roberts.

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